Quang Nam Province - One Destination, Two World Heritage Sites

11:20:07 AM | 7/2/2006

The Vietnamese Government has decided to choose Quang Nam province as the location to hold the event of 2006 national tourism year called "National Tourism Year 2006: Quang Nam - One Destination and the Two World Heritage Sites." On this occasion reporter Thanh Ny of Vietnam Business Forum (VIB Forum) interviewed Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc- Chairman of the People’s Committee of Central Quang Nam province about this issue.
Could you tell me why Quang Nam was chosen to hold this event?
Quang Nam has this honour thanks to its good experiences of organizing the cultural tourism events in recent years and for its richness and variety of tourism resources. In recent time, our province has focused on investing in tourism infrastructure and has efficiently exploited its potentials, therefore; the number of investment contracts as well as tourists to Quang Nam has increased rapidly.
Could you tell me the basic content of 2006 national tourism year in Quang Nam?
National tourism year 2006 "Quang Nam - One Destination and the Two World Heritage Sites" organized with the subject "Cultural heritage, folk festivals, traditional vocational village and eco-tourism" will last through the year 2006 in Quang Nam with plentiful and diverse activities of culture and tourism in a wide open space ranging from the international cultural heritages to villages, traditional vocational villages, charming tourist attractions, historical sites with many legends.
The content consists of 5 special subjects based on the theme of the tourism year. It is announced that the festival will be arranged at 20h on February 11th 2006 at 3 locations: My Son temple, Hoi An ancient streets and Chu Lai open economic area. The festival will be broastcast live on VTV. Besides, many other international and national activities of tourism investment take place in the year 2006. We hope that this event will improve the capacity of local tourism industry. Another important content our tourism board has accomplished is to enhance the quality of our tourism service.
How has Quang Nam prepared for the year of national tourism?
We realize that this is an honour as well as a big responsibility, so Quang Nam’s people and authority have decisively struggled to have a successful tourism year. Up till now, it is possibly to say that the preparation has been completed. The Guiding and Organizing Committee approved the program 's content. The preparation for the announcement ceremony on November 2nd has been actively carried out. Our province's point of view is that the tourism year not only includes festival activities, performing but it is also a good chance for us to advertise new tourism products, to promote investment. Hence our province has ordered that it is necessary to quickly finish tours, as well as introduce new local products, enhance tourism investment and infrastructure. A lot of buildings are urgently needed to serve the national tourism year.

In order to succeed in this program, how will Quang Nam cooperate with neighbours, especially the provinces involved in the program “The Central Area’s heritage way” and 2 big centres Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City?
The annual national tourism year selects a province to organize the main activities at the same time other provinces in our country will hold tourism activities.
The activities of culture and tourism in “The Centre Area’s heritage way” will continue taking place in the year 2006, including Hue Festival, Da Nang tourism celebration.
We chose the year 2006 as “The year of APEC” with a series of activities of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forums occurring in the country, but outstandingly the APEC summit in Hanoi. This is a good chance to advertise the image of Vietnamese country and its people.
With the above objectives, provinces across the country will hold the culture, tourism and sports events together. Quang Nam regards this occasion as an opportunity to introduce international friends to our typical tourism products through these activities. We ordered the Tourism Department to cooperate with some regional TourismDepartments to hold many groups of international and national Family trips to Quang Nam so that we can introduce the tourism year. Quang Nam is going to accomplish this activity together with advertising this cultural tourism event in its province. Quang Nam always receives full cooperation and support from neighboring regions and will carry out the event of 2006 national tourism year in the same direction.
Would you please give me more details about the developing orientation of Quang Nam tourism in the following time?
We have obviously stated that tourism, a spearhead sector of our economy, plays an important role in the process of economic structural transformation, improvement and enhancement of people's material and spiritual life. In addition to preservation and development of its cultural identity and tradition, Quang Nam has to preserve and develop its cultural tangible and intangible, harmonizing between traditional and modern values as well.
In the coming time, our province will continue to pay attention to developing its cultural, historical and ecological tourist attractions. Tourism is a highly inter-regional economy, so Quang Nam’s tourism must maintain a close relationship with the development of the province and neighbouring areas, especially with Vietnam’s Central Region’s international heritage sites.

In the process of development, we are especially interested in some issues like protecting the natural and social environment. Our target is to welcome 2.6 million tourists by the year 2006 (2005 welcomed 2.5 million), it is hoped that income from tourism will reach VND2,500 billion by the year 2010.