Dien Ban Businesses Catalyzing Local Development

4:00:31 PM | 8/7/2024

In recent years, Dien Ban Town has experienced strong growth with a modern urban appearance, improved social security, and enhanced material and spiritual well-being of its residents. The local business community, entrepreneurs and investors have made significant contributions to this success.

 Strategically invested infrastructure has transformed Dien Ban into an increasingly sophisticated and modern urban area

Dien Ban currently has 1,209 companies and 12,550 business and service units and households. Corporate entities are constantly growing and rapidly increasing by both quantity and quality, present in most industries and fields. They have gradually asserted their position, created jobs for people, and made important contributions to local rapid and sustainable economic development.

Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company 501 (Cico 501) is active in construction investment (civil, industrial, traffic and urban infrastructure construction) and real estate business. After nearly 30 years of construction and development, Cico 501 has always been highly appreciated by investors and trusted by customers across the country. During its operation, Cico 501 has gone with the town in commercial, service and urban infrastructure construction and investment projects such as 1A Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Urban Area, Vinh Dien Market Residence and Dien Thang Trung Market Residence. The North Quang Nam Fitness and Sports Center was constructed and installed with equipment by Cico 501. This has helped the town upgrade architectural and technical infrastructure to meet Class 3 Urban Area standards.

An Duong Construction - Trading and Services Co., Ltd boasts substantial expertise in the real estate sector, focusing particularly on Quang Nam and Da Nang.

Director Do Tan Vu emphasized An Duong's proactive collaboration with Dien Ban Town to enhance its urban landscape, delivering substantial benefits to its residents. Several notable projects, such as Dien Thang Trung Urban Residential Area, Blue Ocean Urban Area, Anh Duong Urban Area, Dien Minh Urban Area and Vinh Dien Section 7 Residence, have had a significant impact in the market.

The town has successfully attracted many investors to explore and establish their projects within its borders. Dat Quang Group stands out for its initiative in developing the Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc New Urban Area, demonstrating its reputation as a responsible and capable investor committed to local prosperity. Their projects, including Dien Ngoc Market Residence, Dat Quang Green City, Ngoc Vinh Residential Area, Dat Quang Riverside Urban Area, Dien Nam Bac Market Residence, and Ngoc Duong Riverside Urban Area (first and second phases), consistently uphold their commitments to planning, construction quality and progress. These developments contribute to modern infrastructure and the creation of a vibrant, environmentally-friendly Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc New Urban Area.

Moreover, the town boasts a cadre of dynamic young entrepreneurs who embody daring innovation and bold action, pioneering novel business models that firmly establish their foothold in the marketplace. One such exemplar is Thinh Mien Trung Materials Technology Co., Ltd, founded by Mr. Pham Khac Thinh. This company specializes in cutting-edge technological research, innovation, development, and application, particularly in the production of high-performance concrete products.

 The industry, trade, and service sectors of Dien Ban town play an important role in driving positive socio-economic development

In 2021, his “Ultra-high strength concrete trash barriers” project won first prize in the Quang Nam Innovative Startup Initiative/Project Contest. Currently, the company’s products are trusted and chosen by many large companies to participate in key national and provincial projects.

Together with business development, local enterprises and entrepreneurs also actively take part in social security events, join hands to build charitable houses for the poor, and support new rural construction, urban development and epidemic prevention.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, Vice Chairman of Dien Ban People's Committee, said: Dien Ban is steadfast in its ambition to achieve third-class urban area status by 2030, positioning itself as a dynamic central urban hub in northern Quang Nam province, strategically linked with Da Nang City and Hoi An City. The town is aiming to attain provincial city status by 2045. Central to this roadmap is the pivotal role of the business community, entrepreneurs and investors, whose contributions are deemed crucial to its success.

The town has actively adopted many solutions to address difficulties for the business community; regularly organized business meetings and dialogues to inform new central and provincial policies; visited and probed production situations, listened to thoughts and aspirations and promptly resolved hardships faced by local businesses. At the same time, the town has accelerated the reform of administrative procedures, especially those relating to land use certification, land allocation, land lease and tax policies.

Mr. Le Tu Tam, Chairman of Dien Ban Business Association, said: “Messages and actions of concern and support from provincial and town authorities have motivated and bolstered confidence of enterprises and entrepreneurs in working with the locality for effective exploitation of local potential and advantages to generate momentum for rapid and sustainable socioeconomic development.

However, unpredictable economic fluctuations continued to hit business performance. To facilitate business development, the association hoped that Quang Nam and Dien Ban authorities will soon have solutions to remove difficulties for the business community. For matters beyond their jurisdiction, it is necessary to synthesize and report to competent authorities for consideration and resolution to enable enterprises to restore and develop their business operations soon.

“This will instill confidence among businesses in a supportive government that fosters a favorable and stable environment, positioning Quang Nam province, and especially Dien Ban town, as a promising destination for prospective investors,” he proposed.

By Bui Lien, Vietnam Business Forum