The Landscape of Magnificent Nature in Lang Son Province

1:26:08 PM | 12/7/2006

Nature has endowed Lang Son with a magnificent landscape where converge mountains and rivers, citadels and ancient quarters. With these original characteristics and well-known sceneries, the image of a peaceful and gentle Lang Son always leave unforgettable impressions on visitors from all corners of the nation.
Gifts of the nature
Visitors to Lang Son will be attracted by the poetic landscape of mountains in harmony with rivers and charmed by the local people’s warmth and hospitality. When listing the famous beauty spots in Lang Son, one cannot miss the wonders that nature has given to this land, namely the Nhi Thanh – Tam Thanh cave complex and the Husband-Awaiting statue. In the old days, politician Ngo Thi Nham listed these two among the eight famous beauty spots of Lang Son.
Tam Thanh Cave is a natural scenery with numberless stalactites of all colors. Am Ty (Hell) Lake lying within Tam Thanh Cave is so pure and deep blue and never goes dry. Behind the Cave is the Way to Heaven Gate that leads to the mountain top. Standing there, visitors may feel so near the sky and even can touch the clouds lazily flowing around. Through the ups and downs of the time, Tam Thanh Cave remains an untouched wonder of the Creator, whose beauty is beyond any words.
Lying next to Tam Thanh Cave is Nhi Thanh Cave and Tam Giao (Triple Religion) Pagoda. Nhi Thanh is also a natural cave with so many colorful stones of magnificent and charming shapes and forms. Underneath the cave, a long stream of around 500 meters is babbling, creating a funny melody of the nature. Inside the cave is a natural stage that is far beyond the intervention of humans. Above it, little waterfalls are falling down, making visitors have the feeling that they were standing amidst a mysterious fairy land.
When leaving Nhi Thanh Cave, you should visit the statue of Lady To Thi carrying her child and awaiting her husband. The stature is a legendary manifestation of the Vietnamese women’s unshakeable faithfulness. At the foot of To Thi Mount is a section of a citadel made of rocks with many loop-holes on it – the remains of the Mac Dynasty’s citadel and also a historic vestige that witnessed the civil wars in Viet Nam in the previous centuries. This is also an important military complex lying on the only path that links Vietnam and China. After saying farewell to Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh, visitors should go to Ky Cung River and Dai Tuong (Big Elephant) Mount. The mount rises above the fields in the southern part of Lang Son City, where Tien (Fairy) Pagoda and Tien (Fairy) Well are situated. Besides, there are many other charming destinations that visitors should pay a visit to, such as Gio (Windy) Cave, Gam Son Dam and Na Tam Lake...
Mau Son (Mother Mountain) eco-tourism zone
Mau Son is a must-to-see for any visitor to Lang Son. It is a wonderful ecological complex that the Creator has generously presented to Lang Son. At the altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level, Mau Son has pleasant climate, temperate fauna and pure environment. Mau Son is surrounded by hundreds of big and small mounts which are intertwined by wavy hills. This is a vivid picture with impressive curves and folds of the topography as well as abundant and diverse biological resources. During bright days, from Mau Son, visitors can see Nanning province of China and Lang Son city over a distance as far as 20 kilometers.

It is always cool in Mau Son during summer. During winter, the mountain top is surrounded with fog; the temperature sometimes falls as low as -6 degree Celsius and then snow falls down; Mau Son becomes as white as a crystal gem. As spring comes, the whole mountain is bright with peach blossoms. In Mau Son, visitors can also explore the unique and unmixed culture of the Dao, Mong and Nung ethnic peoples. More interestingly, visitors can admire the natural sceneries while tasting Mau Son specialties like its delicious peach as well as strong and warm wine. Mau Son wine is a special product of Lang Son with special flavor because its ferment is extracted from several herbs that can only be grown on Mau Son Mountain combined with the pure distilled mountain water.
Apart from the above-mentioned beauty spots, Lang Son is also well-known with historic places that went down to history with glorious victories, such as Chi Lang Pass, Bac Son Uprising, and the Heroic Road No.4, etc. Visitors who love shopping should go to Ky Lua and Dong Kinh markets as well as other national and international border gates, where hundreds of items of great variety are on display.
In Lang Son, visitors cannot find the bustle and hustle that is normally seen in other tourist destinations. Instead, you will find yourself lost in the virgin and wild nature of mountains, the mysterious shapes of rocks, the original culture of ethnic minority peoples, or the strong wine on Mau Son mountain... These impressions always remain in the heart of visitors even when they have said good bye to the beloved land of Lang Son.

Mai Quynh