Vinh Long Promotes Trademark Building

2:48:29 PM | 8/8/2006

Vinh Long province has gained some achievements in building prestigious trademarks, but the number of trademarked products of Vinh Long province remains low. Quality of trademarks has attracted much attention from enterprises which want to expand their markets and enter regional and international markets. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the Vinh Long Trade Promotion Centre is to increase the awareness and provide support for enterprises to build and register their trademarks.
Gold trademarks in agriculture
Recently, Vinh Long had nine enterprises operating in seedling, agricultural material and aquaculture feed production voted for the 2006 Vietnam agriculture gold quality. This has proven local enterprises’ efforts to build, maintain and develop their trademarks during international economic integration.
The Vinh Long Technical Development Company with BIOTED fertiliser products is one of the nine enterprises. At present, the company produces over 30 products, each of which has many types, suitable for rice, fruit trees, vegetables and industrial crops, as well as their growth and specifications of each soil. The company’s key to success is to develop flexible market strategies, renew and improve the quality of products.
The Cuu Long Fertiliser Factory under the Southern Fertiliser Corporation has a 20 year experience in fertiliser production and trading. The factory’s know-how in trademark building and development is to promote the research and development of new products meeting the demand of a change in agricultural production structure in the Mekong delta. The factory has also paid great attention to customers, organising between 35 and 40 technology transfer training courses, and providing consultancy services on production programmes for local farmers. As a result, the factory has been voted as ‘Friend of farmers’ trademarks for years.
As a young enterprise, established two years ago, the Do Loc Company has won much trust from customers with its products for aquaculture and animal husbandry under the brands of Growfeed and Super Star. Its products have met the international standard but are priced between five and ten per cent lower other products of the same kind.
To develop trademarks in agriculture, Vinh Long will concentrate on reorganising its production activities by forming concentrated high quality material supply areas. The province is taking solutions to gain the target, producing each year over 350,000 tonnes of fruit and 28,000 tonnes of seafood to supply materials for export processing. Accordingly, the province will pay attention to selecting disease-free species of high value plants and animals. At the same time, the province will concentrate on developing co-operative ties among the State, scientists, enterprises and farmers in getting market information and product orientation based on the market demand. Furthermore, distribution and trademark promotion strategies should be developed for a sustainable development of trademarks and other international economic integration.
Vinh Long pottery – A specific trademark in south-western region
Along the Co Chien River, hundreds of pottery kilns have become a familiar scene and a specific feature of Vinh Long. Years ago, the place was a village specialising in making bricks and tiles. It has become an export pottery area of Vinh Long with over 100 enterprises and establishments. Over the past ten years, to meet the market demand, local enterprises have had to renew their technology, improve quality and samples of their products. The issue, however, is how to increase value of red pottery in the market?
Nam Vang has become famous as the pioneer in developing pottery in Vinh Long. Many years ago, Nam Vang had dreamed of how to bring the province’s precious red clay and red pottery products further in Vietnam and foreign countries, generating more jobs for local people.
From an establishment specialising in producing bricks and tiles, after great efforts in many years, the Nam Vang Company has 2.5 hectares of land for production activities with 21 kilns, generating jobs for over 600 workers. The establishment sometimes creates jobs for 1,000 workers.
The company’s products have natural colour of local red pottery. Recently, the company has had new products with designs. Its products have become favourite items in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and the US. At present, to have enough products for newly signed contracts, the company had to increase its capacity by 1.5 folds against 2005.
Apart from expanding markets, many export pottery enterprises in Vinh Long have paid attention to expanding facilities and warehouses, improving their workers’ skills and quality of products, thus to increase their competitiveness in the market. In 2005, the whole industry gained a production value of over VND 334.120 billion, up by 30.24 per cent per annum. It created jobs and incomes for over 10,000 workers.
For a further development during international integration, Vinh Long pottery making enterprises have promoted the sending of their workers to other places for training. They have offered red tape welcome to artisans. Therefore, artisans and artists in the Mekong delta have more opportunities to develop their skills.
Mien Nam