Step by step Elevation for Industry Sector of Can Tho City

5:10:46 PM | 6/8/2009

Industry is the important strength, plays a decisive role in the economy and is considered as a basic component of Industrialization – modernization process of Can Tho city. The size of its industrial production value is leading in the Mekong River Delta and is the 12th range of nationwide.
Essential products development
Industrial production value in the first 6 months of 2009 was estimated to gain VND6,775 million, accounting for 37.43 percent of the plan and increased 7.45 per cent in comparison with the same period last year. The city’s many projects of large-scale industry are: Industry of Processing, electricity- electronics, chemical, mechanics, textile, footwear and building materials. All need investment. Due to that, the city develops products that have a niche in the consumer market as well as a competitive edge including processed agricultural and aquatic products, agricultural-serve mechanics, products derived from metal, chemical, pharmaceutical chemistry, household plastics, leather, garment and consumer goods, electrical and electronic industry.... Simultaneously, it hastens the industrial improvement progress; enters technical advancements into production, trade promotion; supports enterprises to search for export market; focuses on the domestic market and manages the international standard based-quality. The city also gives the incentives to many enterprises in extending trademark registration, building and broadcasting their trade name, executing the protection rights of industrial property rights. In the coming time, the city will promote procedures to make projects in an effort to continue to extend new industrial zones together.
High-tech industrial development
Industry and service have made up more than 80 percent of its economic structure   and has become the foundation that has led Can Tho to affirm its central role in industry, commerce and service. Unlike Ho Chi Minh city and neighboring provinces, Can Tho clearly strove to develop the processing industry- based high-tech industry to provide materials for the overall area. As a result, Can Tho has become the center of commodity distribution for its surroundings. Mr Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Director of Industry and Commerce Service said: “Commerce activity in the city’s area will be higher than industry from now until 2014.
Therefore, Can Tho’s orientation, which moves toward high-tech industry until 2020, still has many difficulties. For this reason, the city should upgrade technological science researchers, give priority to the field of high-tech industry, and especially focus on biological, information and automatic industry in order to become the center for new technology development in production and business.
Nguyen Thao