A Helping Hand for Can Tho’s Promotion of Trade, Investment and Tourism

5:11:26 PM | 6/8/2009

The Tourism- Trade and Investment Promotion Center of Can Tho city was established according to No 2. 540 Decision/ QD-UB issued by Can Tho City dated on 27th, November, 2006. It functions as a consultancy to the city people’s committee about promotion solutions for domestic and overseas tourism- trade- investment activities. The center has promoted Can Tho's role as a bridge and a reliable destination for many enterprises.
Can Tho did not organize a foreign invested-promotion trip in 2008 due to the implementation of the government’s saving policy. The city’s leadership focused on implementation of domestic investment promotion, which has gained many good results including the success of the Investment promotion conference on the city organized by its people’s committee in combination with the Bank of Vietnam’s Investment and Development in November, 2008. The conference was successful due to the participants and interest of nearly 200 delegates who came from big economic corporations, head of companies. Its people’s committee and the big economic corporations signed 11 memorandums and 7 agreements on Investment commitment in the essential projects that are being called upon by the city. Until now, five of these projects have been granted a license.
Mr Nguyen Truong Danh, the center’s director said, “As other areas, many enterprises of Can Tho city are having difficulties, especially in product consuming market. International recession has affected export-import activities and market management missions especially in the unstable paddy and aquatic market. This leads to the diminishing power of trademarks and decreasing competition power.”
The center will make a plan for the personnel task force and the city’s enterprises to go survey, seek partners, extend more export market in Russia, Australia and United States in the final 6 months of 2009. Can Tho has contacted the Russian embassy to discuss a cooperation relationship. On trade cooperation, Can Tho will be able to export to Russia commodities that are considered as its strength such as: rice, aquatic, consumer products and in contrary, Can Tho can import traditional commodities such as: steels, rough steels, fertilizers. The center will continue to step up other promotion activities aimed at supporting Can Tho’s enterprises to gradually raise their competitive ability in the integration process.
Also according to Mr Danh, in order to upgrade the effect from trade promotion, the city should focus on building an official relation channel at home as well as abroad with central services and branches, trade agencies, professional associations as well as intensify the activities in combination with promotion units of Ho Chi Minh city, the Mekong River Delta and Central Vietnam in an effort to expose effective programmes, plans based on the spirit of Decision No 279/2005/QD-TTg and the decision No 80/2009/QD-TTg issued by the prime Minister. Its contents relate to local promotion activities aimed at taking advantage of the source of expenditure from Central Vietnam.
Thao Hung