Voices of Ca Mau’s Enterprises: Trying Utmost to Overcome Obstacles

3:18:25 PM | 11/12/2009

Enterprises operating in Ca Mau make a very important contribution to the province’s growth during the past years. Operating in different areas, each enterprise brings the country, in general, and Ca Mau, in particular new winds in the career of national renovation. In this edition, Vietnam Business Forum provides an introduction of operation of some enterprises currently located within the province.
Minh Hai Jostoco: “Keep proving its position”
Minh Hai seafood processing and export joint stock (Minh Hai Jostoco) came into operation in 1995. As its name, the company specializes in processing frozen seafood for export and domestic consumption. The brand name of Minh Hai Jostoco has become more and more familiar and gained a foothold in Vietnam’s aquarium industry.
Minh Hai Jostoco has such advantages as: being located right in the shrimp growing area of the Mekong River Delta; having a team of over 1,000 highly skilled technical workers; making investments in constructing factories, installing modern equipment; and be willing to co-operate with domestic and foreign partners to process and export its products. Minh Hai Jostoco aims at a quality control system which is always improved to meet ever growing demand of customers. Annually, it produces more than 6,000 tonnes of seafood and has its products exported to such markets as the U.S, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany, the U.K and European countries. Minh Hai Jostoco’s products already get certified to meet requirements on food hygiene and safety of HACCP of U.S.F.D.A, granted with code DL 130 by EU to be exported into this market. In addition, Minh Hai’s products also meet ISO 9001:2000, SQF 2000CM, B.R.C standard and win many Vietnamese quality prizes.
Mr Le Van Luu, General Director of Minh Hai Jostoco, says that since early this year, although export activities of many companies are not as expected, Minh Hai Jostoco still maintains its production and export activity, guaranteeing job for more than 1,000 workers. He admits that global economic crisis exerts a significant impact on demand for imported seafood of countries. However, Minh Hai Jostoco still operates at its maximum capacity thanks to stable contracts and good paying capacity of customers. Minh Hai is currently a brilliant member of Phu Cuong Seafood Corporation.
Being asked about the secret of success, Mr Luu shares that Minh Hai Jostoco’s overcoming the crisis this time is attributed to its policy to focus investment in technology and identify human resources to be a decisive factor to the company’s success. For many years, Minh Hai Jostoco has always been among pioneers in the campaign to mobilize, preserve and improve intellectual asset. It is the skills of more than 1,000 workers that creates a strong driving force for the company’s development, and thanks to them, products of Minh Hai Jostoco are always of high quality, safety and trusted by customers all over the world.
Minh Hai Housing Development Co: “Build ground for development”
Minh Hai housing development company was founded in 1992 with major in providing consultancy in construction and implementing construction of civil works, traffic and irrigation works, etc. After nearly twenty years of its establishment and development, the company has overcome obstacles and become a strong one in the market, leaving an impression on customers for its consultancy and master planning capacity. The company has been making strategic plans to accelerate its growth and prosperity. With works of guaranteed quality, technology and highly appraised by investors, Minh Hai promises to make a contribution to create a new image for Ca Mau province.
Ca Mau Investment & Construction JSC: “Quality taken as a development criterion”Ca Mau investment and construction joint stock has many advantages with 30 years of experience in implementing construction works in different environments and a highly skilled and devoted workforce. Particularly, 2009 is an important turning point, marking five years since the company moved to its joint stock form. Changes have helped Ca Mau investment and construction joint stock be more experienced in organizing, managing and running the company. Overcoming fluctuations in the market, works conducted by the company meet requirements on quality and schedule.
Mr. Le Ngoc Hoa, Director of the company, says that 2009 is the fourth year in the five year plan (2005 – 2010) and the fifth year since the company got transferred from an SOE to a joint stock company. Being fully aware of the importance of this year, all the staff of the company are determined to achieve set targets and build the company ever stronger.
Hoang Lam