Hoa Binh Minh Corporation Keeps Moving Forward

12:34:00 AM | 18/8/2011

After 18 years of construction and development, Hoa Binh Minh Corporation has asserted its calibre in all aspects. Currently, the corporation is a leading business concern in Yen Bai province in particular and in Vietnam in general.
Fruits reaped from the "hands and minds"
In the past five years, global economic slowdown and financial crisis dragged on the business world. Hoa Binh Minh Corporation could not certainly stay out of the storm. However, with its safe and sound direction and a solid foundation, the corporation has passed through such a "storm" and took that hardship as an opportunity to reaffirm its credibility and sustainability on the market. The corporation has expanded operating scopes to take up new business opportunities. At present, Hoa Binh Minh has four offices in Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Ha Noi and Dong Nai with 30 member companies. The corporation keeps a relatively high growth pace and is a leading motorcycle trader in the country.
Thanks to right business directions, strategies and objectives, along with close and regular instruction and monitoring of the Council of Members, especially Council Chairman and General Director, the reputation and brand name of the corporation are increasingly asserted, relationships are maintained, economic cooperation is based on mutual benefit, and the confidence of consumers and partners is strengthened.
In 2009 and 2010, the corporation established the Hanoi Office to trade in automobiles, carried out corporate restructuring, set up the Phu Tho Office, split two companies into 10 companies based on business scope and market to facilitate business and governance operations. After one year, the restructuring brought in good effects and laid the groundwork for restructuring in other fields.
Human resource development
The corporation always attaches importance to human resource development as it considered employees its most important asset. Hence, personnel work is based on long-term development strategies. Being aware of decisive roles of human resources in all aspects of operation, the corporation assesses the skills of each staff member to assign proper tasks and applies a close supervision mechanism to boost performance. The firm also organises training and retraining courses for its employees to improve governance, communicative and leadership styles and sends young managers to attend high-level classes like chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO). In 2010, the firm had 2,583 employees, an increase of 236 percent over 2005, of which 728 are female employees, or 28 percent.
For Hoa Binh Minh Corporation, the key to success is the human factor, and proper approach to human resource development.
Noble awards
With outstanding performance and achievements in production and business, Hoa Binh Minh Corporation has been bestowed a lot of noble awards, titles, certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, ministries, other organs, and Yen Bai province. Notably, in 2011, Mr Bui Minh Luc, Chairman of the Council of Members and General Director, was conferred the Third-grass Labour Order.
Looking to the future
In the coming time, the corporation will mobilise all available resources for business development, striving to become a leader of steel and cement distribution in northern Vietnam in 2015 and in the country in 2020. It will endeavour to retain the top position in motorcycle trading in the country, expand automobile trading, develop commercial centres and hotels, strengthen existing agricultural and industrial production, and continue expanding business operations. It will ensure effective business operations, fulfil obligations to the State, guarantee rights and interest for workers, and uplift the position, profile and brand name of Hoa Binh Minh. The corporation strives to soon become a leading multi-business concern in the country in the near future with average annual growth of 30 - 40 percent.
 Van Du