Dong Nai Real Estate: Attractive to Investors

5:48:00 PM | 7/12/2011

The Dong Nai real estate market is considered to have high potential with vigorous development. According to real estate investors, Dong Nai real estate promises huge opportunities, especially when infrastructure projects will be completed in the relatively near future.
Huge potential
According to market research specialists, Dong Nai has a more outstanding potential than many other provinces in the region, thanks to a good region development policy of its authorities, open geographic location, fresh air and the ability to develop many types of accommodation. Moreover, Dong Nai is also known as a leading province in economic development potential, with many arterial roads passing through, along with seaports, railways and international air routes in the near future. In addition, Dong Nai will be the “backyard” of Ho Chi Minh City when the trend of decompressing population in the city becomes strong; especially Dong Nai province has many industrial zones and new residential areas with prices of about one third or one fourth of those in other areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City, making the Dong Nai real estate market very attractive.
Especially Dong Nai is located at the centre of areas surrounding Ho Chi Minh City and has been ratified by the government (Ho Chi Minh City development plan to 2020 and vision to 2050) on developing infrastructures and other fields. Accordingly, Bien Hoa city, Long Thanh international airport and the new city Nhon Trach will play a vital part in establishing a smart and high-technological urban space, near the regional centre Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks to above-mentioned advantages, many large-scale real estate projects have been and are now being implemented in Dong Nai, concentrating mainly in Nhon Trach, Long Thanh, and Bien Hoa such as: Bien Hoa City Square owned by the joint-adventure of D2D and Berjayar; Eastern Sai Gon urban area owned by Tin Nghia corporation; and converting Bien Hoa 1 industrial zone into civil urban area. Those projects are implemented strongly to promote investment opportunities, when transport infrastructure is connected with Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces.
Relating to potential assessments of Dong Nai province, experts sharing the opinion that the area of Bien Hoa, Long Thanh, and Nhon Thach will be a hot point for the real estate market in the following time due to its location adjacent to Ho Chi Minh city, bringing together large-scale projects including Tan Van isle projects, open urban ecological area of Long Hung, and urban area of Eastern Sai Gon.
Wide-open opportunities
It is good news for investors when super infrastructure projects of Dong Nai are being conducted and will be completed in the near future. The Long Thanh international airport project was ratified by the Prime Minister on June 14th 2011. Accordingly, it will be an airport of 4F level with the capacity of 100 million passengers and 5 tons of cargo a year. Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway project was commenced on October 3rd 2009 and is expected to be complete in 2013. The national highway 51 expansion project was implemented from the third quarter of 2009 and is expected to be launched in February 2012.
In addition, Dong Nai province has been implementing many projects in order to expand and develop traffic connections with surrounding provinces and cities such as: Bridge and road from district 9, Ho Chi Minh city to Nhon Trach, Thu Bien bridge connecting Vinh Cuu district with Binh Duong province. Besides there are projects of expanding intersections of Tam Hiep, Vung Tau, Dau Giay, interchanges port 11 Long Binh (belongs to project of national highway 1 at the portion avoiding Bien Hoa city).
Dong Nai province with the advantage of being a traffic centre of road, railway, waterway, airway is attracting investors. The Dong Nai province Real estate market promises strong growth in the future.