Thanh Hoa VEAM Auto Plant: Ready to Shift into Top Gear

1:41:26 PM | 22/12/2011

With the efforts of over 700 engineers and workers, as well as modern equipment lines, Veam Auto Plant has asserted its investment and production capacity in Thanh Hoa province. Veam Motor brand has gradually increased its market share in national and regional automobile markets.
Thanh Hoa VEAM Auto Plant was invested by Vietnam Engine Agricultural Machinery Corporation under the Ministry of Trade and Industry with total estimated capital of over US$ 40 million, on 28.6 hectares in Bim Son, Thanh Hoa. The plant was built with modern comprehensive production lines, equipment and shops from SAMSUNG Auto Manufacturing Plant (South Korea).
With the desire to develop the Vietnam Automobile manufacturing industry in the direction of modernity, with automation comparable with developed industrial countries, Veam leaders decided to take over the project of building SamSung’s uncompleted automobile manufacturing plant. Mr Mai Van Dieu, Deputy Manager of the Plant, said: Beginning construction in March 2005, despite many difficulties with economic recession, by the leaders’ determination and enthusiastic support of local authorities, the plant was completed in September 2009 and released the first automobile product with the Veam brand.
At the moment, Veam Auto Manufacturing Plant is one of the few comprehensively designed under modern auto manufacturing plant standards. It has 4 main shops: stamping, welding, painting and assembling; and 1 research and development centre with the latest generation, highly automated equipment from developed industrial countries. The plant’s designed capacity is 33,000 vehicles per year including trucks, passenger buses and specialized vehicles.
Given the current capacity of the plant, Mr Dieu said that at present, the plant has been manufacturing vehicles’ cabins and bodies. Skilled workers and modern machine lines have enabled the plant to produce aesthetically pleasing and highly durable vehicle cabins and bodies. Machined components and gear-boxes are imported and produced in coordination with branded firms or Veam’s members to ensure competitiveness in quality of product lines.
With modern production lines, skilful, creative and dynamic engineers and workers, and an environmental quality management system meeting international standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Veam Motor has manufactured and released product lines of high quality, being environmentally friendly and fulfilling increasing customer demand across the country.
 “Customers’ recognition of products and services’ quality is a strong development engine for Veam Motor,” shared Mr Dieu. Moreover, Veam branded automobiles are now known as a high quality and reasonably priced product in the national automobile market.
Tien Thanh