Thanh Hoa Agricultural Products JSC: Companion of Breeders

1:48:21 PM | 22/12/2011

Unity, effort, business diversification and production expansion and other endeavours have helped Thanh Hoa Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company (located in Le Mon Industrial Zone, Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province) not only to confirm its brand growth, but also to become a trusted companion of animal breeders.
Success from the right way
The company has confronted plenty of challenges like epidemics, natural disasters, limited experience and competition. In 2011, the firm has faced a lot of difficulties arising from capital shortage, exchange rate fluctuations and exorbitant bank loans.
To withstand difficulties and challenges, the company’s leaders have made timely decisions: Reshuffling operating apparatus, reducing unnecessary costs, and investing in new areas. In addition to maintaining traditional manufacturing fields like high-grade animal feed, fishmeal; surimi (frozen fish paste), exported aquatic products and animal husbandry, the company takes advantage of available resources, enhances quality, offers lowest possible price, and invests over VND5 billion to build a modern catering service for workers in industrial zones in the province. The company is now supplying 10,000 rations a day.
Moreover, the firm invested to build experimental pig farms in Thanh Hoa City, Thach Thanh and Thieu Hoa districts. These facilities used a closed cycle to test animal feed quality for different stages of growth.
And breakthroughs
With the united efforts of employees plus right policies and decisions, the company has made business breakthroughs over the past years.
Apart from the domestic market, the company exported its products like surimi, animal feeds and fish meal to South Korea, Thailand, Laos, China and other countries in the first nine months in 2011. Its revenues topped VND500 billion (US$25 million), an increase from 2010. With more than 1,000 sows, the company can raise pigs and supply nearly 4,000 tonnes of pork to the market a year. It always fulfils financial obligations to the State and creates stable jobs for over 1,200 workers with an average monthly income of more than VND4 million.
The company’s high-grade animal feed has won the Northern Central Gold Star Award (2008) and the Vietnam High-quality Goods Award (2009 and 2010) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The company’s products have won the trust of domestic and foreign consumers.
Mr Le Quy Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “We will certainly become a stronger brand and a more trusted companion of animal breeders inside and outside the province. We will extend our business to the world market.”
Gia Huy