Tapping Thanh Hoa’s Tourism Resources

1:50:45 PM | 22/12/2011

The objective of Thanh Hoa province is to develop Thanh Hoa tourism into an important economic sector promoting other sectors, contributing to economic growth and making Thanh Hoa a key tourist centre of Vietnam by 2015 and for the years to come.
Encouraging growth
Thanh Hoa is a North Central Vietnam province with diversified tourist environment. In 2006-2010, the province recorded significant achievements in tourism development.
According to the report on the five-year comprehensive development plan, tourism continues with high growth rates and the number of tourists keeps increasing year after year. In the past five years, the province received 10 million tourists, increasing on the average of 23.8 percent a year, with 3 million tourists in 2010.
Those achievements are due to the guidance of the leadership, the concerted efforts of local authorities and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and staff members.
The province has upgraded key tourist centres, improving service quality and accommodation. Meanwhile tourism promotion has been expanded with several events organized at home and abroad, ensuring rapid and sustainable tourism development.
No doubt, Thanh Hoa tourism will continue to develop successfully in 2011-2015 and the years to come.
Wakening the Sleeping Beauty
Locating 150 km South of Hanoi, Thanh Hoa is within the area of influence of the key Northern economic region, Central Vietnam and Northern provinces of Laos. The province has favourable communication and transport networks such as the trans-Vietnam railway, Ho Chi Minh highway, Highway 1A, Highway 10, Nghi Son seaport with a network of rivers connecting to other parts of the province with other countries, Sao Vang airport and an international airport to be built close to the coastline for Nghi Son economic region and tourism development.
According to Mr Doan Van Phu, Deputy Director of Thanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, with its existing potential, Thanh Hoa can be developed into a key tourist centre of Vietnam by 2015. The province will start specific plans to receive 5,000,000 Vietnamese tourists and 110,000 foreign tourists in 2015 with turnover of VND3,300 billion and budget revenue of VND264,000 million. The province intends to ‘waken the Sleeping Beauty’ of the Thanh Hoa.
Implementing the Decision of the People’s Committee on tourism development in 2011-2015, the province will develop sea-based tourism with main products of resorts, culture and community eco-tourism. Promotion activities will be stepped up, highlighting the image of Thanh Hoa tourism in local and foreign markets, especially Japan, China and ASEAN. The province will successfully organize the National Tourism Year 2015 in Thanh Hoa.
The province will continue to upgrade infrastructure, tourist products, services and human resources. Ho Dynasty Citadel, an international cultural heritage site, will be fully invested and preserved to attract foreign tourists, especially on the occasion of Tourism Year 2015.
To achieve those plans, no doubt, tourist service needs the joint efforts of all concerned authorities of the province. With the achievements recorded in the past years and specific plans in the coming years, Thanh Hoa will become a key tourist centre of Vietnam.
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