Ninh Binh : 20 Years of Outstanding Achievements

5:54:26 PM | 30/7/2012

On July 25, Ninh Binh Provincial Party Committee in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public and Public Administration organized a workshop "Ninh Binh - 20 years of innovation and development". The workshop summarised the outstanding results in socio-economic development of Ninh Binh in the 20 years since re-establishment (1992-2012), and gave suggestions to the local government for economic development strategy in the coming years.

Twenty years after re-establishment, Ninh Binh can look back on remarkable achievements in socio-economic development; there is substantial improvement on all domains and breakthrough in economic restructuring. From an agricultural province, Ninh Binh is shifting to a service-industry based province. 20 years ago, the economic structure in Ninh Binh was mainly agriculture - forestry – fishery with the proportion of 62.9 percent, and industrial - construction and services was only 37.0 percent; by 2011, economic structure in Ninh Binh changed qualitatively with the industry - construction and services making up 85 percent, and agriculture - forestry - fishery only 15 percent. Economic growth of Ninh Binh is high compared to other provinces in the country (average 13.0 percent / year) with GDP increasing by 32.91 times over the 20 years. In 1992, exports from Ninh Binh totalled only US$2.5 million; in 2011 they reached US$263.7 million.
Addressing the workshop, VCCI Vice President Doan Duy Khuong said that it’s necessary for Ninh Binh to build synchronous policies to complement investment policies and improve local competitiveness, which are investment policy, incentives and investment promotion policies, human resource development, financial infrastructure development. Dr Khuong said: "As a national organization representing the business community of Vietnam and promoting trade and investment, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry pledges to continue to cooperate more closely with Ninh Binh to provide the maximum support to businesses in the province.”
With these achievements, Ninh Binh has now become a local attraction for investors and an interesting destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Ninh Binh’s development potential for the foreseeable future makes it a strongly developing province in the Red River Delta region and in the country.
Tung Tran