Ninh Binh Seed and Breed Corporation: Success with New Way

4:49:19 PM | 4/10/2012

Ninh Binh Seed and Breed Corporation has made a significant role in the success of Ninh Binh province which always supplies quality and effective crops and livestock to farmers.
The corporation at all times prepares best crops and livestock for farmers before any season starts. The firm has closely coordinates with scientists and the National Seed Institute to work out best varieties for local conditions and generate high-yield and high-quality generations.
In August 2012, the corporation signed an “in principle” contract to transfer the rights to distribute VN595 hybrid maize, a highly adaptable crop proven to grow well in many different soil and climate conditions in Vietnam.
In addition, the corporation is also an exclusive supplier of short-day Hoa Uu 109 rice variety. It has demonstrated this product line in 22 provinces and cities from Nghe An and Ha Tinh to Red River Delta provinces and northern mountainous provinces. Hoa Uu 109 conquers all markets with premium features like sturdy trunk, small clump, straight trunk, disease resistance to brown backed rice plant hopper (BPH), blight and rice blast disease. It is proven that there is no need for pesticide if the rice is contracted with such diseases. Even, the rice does not need any kind of pesticides and herbicides during its growth time. At present, Hoa Uu 109 is one of 10 prospective purebred rice varieties for farmers.
Powered by 50 experienced engineers and specialists, the corporation’s Seed Centre produces many new varieties for the market which quickly occupy the market. The firm has shaken hand with scientists across the country to find out most suitable plant varieties not only for Ninh Binh agriculture but also for thriving Vietnamese agriculture.
Mr Vu Van Nga, President and General Director of Ninh Binh Seed and Breed Corporation, said: Seeing that agricultural products of Ninh Binh province in particular and of Vietnam in general are in weak position on export markets and they are usually branded foreign trade names on international markets, the corporation will invest in a farm produce processing and preserving facility in Khanh Nhac commune, Yen Khanh district with an storage capacity of 5,000 - 10,000 tonnes to stockpile products purchased from farmers in Ninh Binh province and other localities for fine processing before sending to the market.