VNPT Dien Bien Focusing on Human Resources

10:02:45 AM | 13/12/2012

VNPT Dien Bien – a subsidiary of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is a reputable brand in mountainous Northwest Vietnam. Employing the right strategy and good management, VNPT Dien Bien is asserting its dominant market position and further expanding its market reach.
Amidst fierce competition, retaining and expanding market reach are always on top of the agenda for every business. Not to be outdone by their competitors, VNPT Dien Bien considers technical and customer service to be of utmost importance. Accordingly, besides the continual network expansion and initiation of new services, VNPT Dien Bien Board of Director also takes great care in training their employees to improve their conversation and service skills in dealing with customers. 
Agreeing that human resources are an integral factor which determine the success of each business, VNPT Dien Bien’s Director Nguyen Van Tao believes, “Talent is the national treasure. Being a major corporation in the Telecommunication-Technology industry in the province, employing people with both the right moral compass and professional know-how is a crucial task, especially in a technical industry which requires high-skilled employees. Therefore, VNPT Dien Bien always takes due care in the recruiting process, improving its employees’ skills and capacity, and is sincerely concerned about employees’ lives, initiating favourable compensation and benefit packages.
First and foremost, before employees start working, VNPT Dien Bien educates them on the good tradition of the Postal Service in order for the employee to develop a common bond with the industry and commit to work towards the common goals. In order to allow individuals to show their best, the Board of Director always tries to create the most conducive working environment with timely encouragement. Mr Nguyen Van Tao remarked, “When employees feel stressed, their motivation will be inhibited and they will not be willing to go the extra mile to complete their work, leading to decreased work efficiency. Therefore, there is a need to create an active but relaxed environment and to assign suitable jobs for each individual, as well as encourage employees to do their best. In addition, in order to retain top talents, compensation and benefits policies are irreplaceable. VNPT always has favourable policies in place to award its top talents.
With the right mind-set, strategy and professionalism in its management, over the last few years, VNPT Dien Bien has resolved numerous challenges facing the poor mountainous province and achieved notable milestones. In 2012, following the achievements in 2011, resolving past weaknesses and limitations, at the same time taking advantage of the special attention of the parent company to modernise the IT infrastructure and support from the local government, from the beginning of the year, the Directors have reached an agreement on the strategic plan. As a result, the collective power is enhanced, helping the branch meet every challenge and accomplish goals set forth by its parent company. As of now, VNPT Dien Bien has made their mobile network available in 98 percent, and provides broadband internet services to 68 percent, of the province’s area. As of the end of October 2012, total revenue was 87 percent and the whole year’s growth rate was 45 percent compared to the same period last year; employees’ livelihoods have been greatly improved.
Employing the right strategy and tactic to seize opportunities and counter challenges that are inherent in the integration period, VNPT Dien Bien continues to emerge even stronger in the fiercely competitive market, contributes to socioeconomic and cultural development, safeguards national defence and meets the communication needs of people in the province.