Lao Cai Urban Environment One-member Co., Ltd: Many Initiatives for Higher Efficiency

5:39:09 PM | 29/8/2013

Lao Cai Urban Environment One-member Co., Ltd engages in the fields of urban sanitation, public lighting, management of green parks and road maintenance. With many initiatives, the company always fulfils its objectives, contributing to a prosperous Lao Cai.
As a young and dynamic city, Lao Cai City has been creating strong development, which has, in turn, posed significant challenges to the environment, especially to the goal of developing the city into a second-grade city. In recognition of this responsibility and political duties, Lao Cai Urban Environment Company has made efforts to complete outstanding tasks, contributing to the construction and development of Lao Cai City in particular and towns and townships in the province.
In 2012, the company was affected by the difficult situation of the country, with decreasing investment in public services. Under such conditions, the company still managed to expand the market to districts such as Sapa, Bac Ha and Bat Sat. At the same time, the company focused on assigned areas of urban sanitation, green parks, public lighting and road maintenance for major holidays and Lunar New Year.
Chairman cum Director Pham Van Tan said that in general, the company’s works ensured the criteria such as clean, green, beautiful and friendly, thus creating credibility for the company. In 2012, the company ensured work for more than 500 employees with a salary of VND5.5 million / month, and paid to the state budget above the set targets.
In 2012, the company issued financial regulations and internal spending rules to help the company implement good financial management in a transparent and open manner, thus creating solidarity and consensus within the company.
Lao Cai Urban Environment Company is a 100 percent state-owned company. As directed by the government policy of equitisation, the company is now conducting equitisation procedures. Director Pham Van Tan said “In the future, equitisation will certainly be a challenge for the company's operations, but it is an inevitable trend and it will certainly be a milestone opening new opportunities for the company. However, whether under any form of activity, the company's goal is sustainable development, contributing to the development of Lao Cai City to become an environment-friendly city with bright, clean, green, beautiful, and civilized environment, improving life for workers and contributing to the community.
Ngo San