Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertiliser Plant Conquering the Market

5:31:46 PM | 6/1/2014

Vietnam’s agriculture needs about 2.2 million tonnes of urea fertiliser a year, but the domestic supply reached just 1 million tonnes and the rest was offset by imports. To increase the domestic supply for agricultural production, Vietnam has invested to build many fertiliser plants across the country like Phu My fertiliser plant in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Ca Mau fertiliser plant in Ca Mau province, DAP fertiliser plant No. 1 in Haiphong City, and most recently Ninh Binh fertiliser plant in Ninh Binh province. After nearly 2 years of commissioning, the Ninh Binh nitrogenous fertiliser plant now supplies high-quality products for local farmers.
Efforts to overcome difficulties
The negative economic development in recent years has adversely affected the operations of local enterprises, including Ninh Binh nitrogenous fertiliser plant. As a new comer, the company has encountered a lot of difficulties despite good initial investment for machinery and product standards. Production lines run unstably, backup parts are insufficient, and sales are slow on incomplete infrastructure of the industrial zone.
In this situation, the company’s leadership quickly designed and adopted solutions to overcome difficulties and stabilise business operations. The firm proactively researched and developed different production plans with the aim of achieving the highest efficiency and maintaining continuous line operation. With their utmost efforts, managers, engineers and workers have started to master production processes and systems. Ninh Binh nitrogenous fertiliser plant was gradually put into stable operation. As a result, in 2013, Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertiliser Company achieved production and business plans assigned by the Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem).
In 2013, the plant strived to produce over 300,000 tonnes of urea fertiliser and sell nearly 300,000 tonnes, raking in total revenue of VND2,200 billion (over US$100 million). The company is now employing over 1,000 workers who are paid over VND6.7 million a month each.
Humans are the core element
Currently, Ninh Binh urea fertiliser products, distributed by capable and prestigious agencies, are now available to farmers across Vietnam. In the near future, the plant will become a leading fertiliser manufacturer in the country with an annual output of 560,000 tonnes of urea fertiliser, including over 50,000 tonnes for export.
To reach these results, the company has attached much importance to human development and considered it a core element for successful business development. Together with plant investment and construction, the company recruited over 1,000 qualified managers, engineers and workers to operate the plant, of which Ninh Binh locals accounted for 45 percent. Recruited engineers and workers are trained at three levels: at factories in technology suppliers in Europe like Germany, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands; at similar plants in Vietnam and other nations like plants in China, Phu My fertiliser plant, Ha Bac fertiliser plant and Cao Ngan power plant; and at Ninh Binh fertiliser plant. Therefore, employees basically meet working requirements and master all stages of production and operation.
Nguyen Van Thieu, deputy general director of Ninh Binh Nitrogenous fertiliser plant, said the plant has received valuable support and assistance from local authorities and people during its production and business processes. To have better operating efficiency, the unit expects to promote the connectivity of industrial zone infrastructure, settle wastewater treatment inside the industrial zone and stabilise power supply for the plant.
Xuan Thu