Lang Son Power Company: Improving Quality Supply and Promoting Electricity Saving Advocacy

10:45:07 AM | 23/7/2014

In recent years, Lang Son Power Company has been known as one of the bright spots of the Northern Power Corporation with the outstanding achievements in improving and ensuring the safe operation, quality power and providing quality customer care services. In addition, Lang Son Power Company is one active participant in the movement of saving electricity. In 2013, Lang Son Power Company saved 6.3 million kWh.
Implementing the policy of the Party and State on receiving low voltage rural grid to sell electricity directly to rural households, aiming to create fairness in electricity prices between rural and urban areas. In 2008, Lang Son Power Company received 89,994 electric meters and 1,965.16 kilometres of low voltage wire. In the first place, the grid status was poor and unsafe because it hadn’t been in operation for long time, which had caused losses and higher electricity prices. Lang Son Power Company made great efforts to renovate low voltage grid and replaced the whole 89,994 meters with a total value of over VND57 billion, which has contributed to reducing power loss rate from about 30 percent to 12-15 percent, ensuring safe operation of the grid and benefiting people when they can directly purchase electricity under the price prescribed by state regulations, not the prices 2-4 times as high as when purchasing through intermediary organisations as before.
In the 2013 – 2014 period, Lang Son Power Company has been implementing three projects improving and upgrading large scale rural power grids, namely DEP1, DEP2, KFW in 83 communes of 10 districts with the total investment of up to VND263 billion. On the other hand, the company has also implemented the new construction of 48 kilometres of medium-voltage wire and 34 substations with a total capacity of over 3,000kvA. The company also installed and renovated over 700 kilometres of low voltage wire. These projects, once completed, will ensure safe, stable and quality power supply for tens of thousands of rural households.
Lang Son Power Company has also promoted local people to use power safely, economically and in accordance with the law. Mr Vi Le Thanh, Director of Lang Son Power Company said: "In recent years, the movement of saving electricity in the province of Lang Son has been promoted strongly not only in the electricity sector but also in departments, agencies, unions and local authorities, creating positive wide-spread effect in the community, thereby gradually changing perceptions and habits of people in the way of saving energy."
In 2013, the Company established the Steering Committee for Saving Electricity with the task of advising Lang Son province’s People’s Committee to direct agencies in the province to register plans on annual electricity use. At the same time, the company established a department to guide customers to use electricity safely and economically. To perform the movement, the company has built a team of 800 consisting of officers and employees of electricity sector and the heads of Vietnam’s Fatherland Front units in neighborhoods. The company also hangs hundreds of banners and posters in public places, spreads 5,000 leaflets to every household, school and crowded places. Besides, it coordinates with media agencies to make reports, video clips and articles about saving electricity. At the same time, the company enhances collaboration with the Department of Industry and Trade to establish a joint working group to promptly handle violations on electricity use. As for the object of manufacturing enterprises, the company has actively advised businesses to use capacitors in replacement of equipment consuming large power and strictly observed the use of electricity according to the power chart registered power purchase contracts and approved power supply plan.
In the future, Lang Son Power Company will continue to increase investment, improving and ensuring safe operation of electricity and power quality. It also promotes and raises awareness about saving electricity to each citizen to meet the electricity needs for socio-economic development and serving people’s lives.
Vu Thuy