Lao Cai Vocational Training College: Training on Social Demand

10:04:04 PM | 30/9/2015

Lao Cai Vocational Training College is a public service unit established under Decision 1905/QD-LDTBXH dated December 27, 2012 of the Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs on the basis of upgrading the Lao Cai Vocational Training School. After over 20 years, Lao Cai Training College has developed from a provincial centre for vocational training and job searching support to Lao Cai Vocational Training School and now Lao Cai Training College. The College has so far helped train, nurture and educate more than 30,000 workers currently employed in many economic units of Lao Cai, as well as of other northern mountainous provinces.
Lao Cai Vocational Training College has three levels of training: vocational collegiate, vocational secondary and vocational elementary; continuous training between levels follows closely the provisions of the state on vocational training in order to produce disciplined high-quality human resources to serve the cause of socio-economic development of Lao Cai as well as of neighbouring provinces. While operating, the college has identified its strategic task is to improve skills and quality of the human resources, ensuring a staff system of solid structure and sufficient quantity, all teachers and staff have necessary qualifications, competence and good qualities to fulfil the ultimate aim of quality training, considering this the key to the college’s existence and development. The college currently has over 100 academic staff, including 80 teachers on the payroll, 100 percent have university degrees or higher and are qualified for vocational training under provision of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs; nearly 30 percent have PhDs. The college often sends staff to attend refresher courses to polish up their political theory and professional skills, particularly skills in vocational training, innovating teaching methods, applying information technology in training management and designing curriculum and training materials.
In order to meet the requirements of educational innovation as well as to support the research and study of staff, teachers and students, Lao Cai Vocational Training College has increased investment in infrastructure and purchased training equipment for both long and short term plans. For the 2010 – 2015 period, the college has received over VND35 billion from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs as well as Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee for investment in construction. In addition, the college has raised over VND3.1 billion from the socialisation of education; and received VND17.8 billion invested by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to buy practising devices. Along with infrastructure investments, the college has broadened curriculum and educational programmes, increasing the number of trades registered for authorisation of providing training from 10 to 34 (3 in vocational colleges, 12 in vocational secondary level and 19 in primary vocational), training scale ranges 2,500-3,000 students/year, the percentage of graduates getting employment is over 90 percent. Lao Cai Vocational Training College was accredited by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and given level 3 certification (the highest quality level for vocational training).
The college also strengthens cooperation with businesses to give the students internships and opportunities to participate in production activities, linking production at enterprises with the training. Each year the school associates with over 20 universities and colleges of the northern region to train hundreds of workers in various trades, providing quality human resources for big enterprises in the province such as the Vietnam - China Minerals and Metallurgy Corporation, Sin Quyen Copper Mine Company, Lao Cai Chemical Company, Lao Cai Iron and Steel Factory, industrial parks and hydroelectric plants and many other provincial businesses. Upon finishing the training, students are introduced to vacancies of stable income in businesses. Many have proven their capacity, skills and workmanship, and been appointed to positions of management, leadership or head of production.
Recognising those achievements, the PPC has awarded the college many certificates of merit and emulation flags. In 2012, the college had the honour to receive the Labour Order second class from the president. The college’s party cell has been recognised as a strong and transparent cell for many consecutive years. Many individuals and departments, faculties have been awarded certificates of merit and the medals of the province’s ministries and agencies as well as of the State President, many teachers have achieved the title of outstanding teachers at provincial and national level.
Nguyet Tham