Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd: Branding Based on Tradition

4:13:31 PM | 2/8/2016

Very volatile rubber prices in recent years seriously hurt Vietnamese rubber companies in general and Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd in particular. But, with its robust investments for modern, synchronous technology and equipment as well as active scientific and technological applications to rubber tree care, Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd (Koruco) always stands firmly before any challenge and strives to fulfil output plans to ensure revenue and profit growth.
After more than 30 years of construction and development, Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd not only contributes positively to the economic development of Kon Tum province but also create resources for improving infrastructure, building rural areas, developing social security, and raising livelihood quality of ethnic minorities in remote areas. Starting from a small company with 39 first employees working in four districts, Koruco now has over 8,000 employees (ethnic minorities account for over 71 per cent) and over 8,000 ha of coffee rubbers, becoming the largest rubber company by acreage in the Central Highlands. Koruco is also a pioneer in applying science and technology, having many groundbreaking solutions to enhance productivity like adopting nutrition standard-based fertilisation, improving pesticide spraying system and foliage fertilising system, renovating shading systems, combining line-based organic and inorganic fertilisation and focusing on disease prevention from the outset of a new rubber tapping season. With this achievement, Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd was praised by the Vietnam Rubber Industry Group and granted province-level innovation certificate by the Kon Tum Scientific Council. Mr. Le Kha Liem, General Director of Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd, was also awarded the “Creative Labour Diploma” by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour.
With its achievements in scientific and technological applications, the company can raise crop productivity and labour productivity and shape rubber farms in line with its capacity. Its productivity averaged 1.72 tonnes per hectare in 2013 and 2.46 tonnes per hectare in 2015. Particularly, seven farms had the average productivity of 2.3 tonnes or more per hectare, three farms saw their productivity at .56 tonnes per hectare, and 86 production units reported average yield of 2.2 - 2.7 tonnes per hectare. And, Kon Tum Rubber Co., Ltd is the only rubber company in the Central Highlands to have the average productivity of over 2 tonnes per hectare and stand among the Top 5 rubber companies by productivity.
To meet market requirements and rapidly rising latex output, Koruco regularly upgrades and modernises its equipment and processing lines in its two latex processing plants, YaChim and Ngoc Hoi, to lower production costs. Each year, the company can save more than VND600 million a year from technological upgrading.

Koruco always integrates business performances with community responsibility. For years, the company has invested to build many inter-village roads and commune roads to its production areas in order to facilitate travelling and transportation. The firm is now providing lifetime supports for 13 heroic Vietnamese mothers in Kon Tum and Quang Ngai provinces and one mother with meritorious services to the country and sponsored three seriously wounded soldiers and Kon Tum Social Protection Centre. With all the spirit and efforts, Koruco has been granted diplomas of merits and certificates of philanthropy and social security contributions by the Prime Minister, the Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee, the Kon Tum Provincial People’s Committee, the Vietnam Fatherland Front - Kon Tum Chapter, the Association for the Support of Vietnamese Handicapped and Orphans, the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA), and the Kon Tum Study Encouragement Fund. With its tradition and achievements, Koruco will definitely advance steadily forward to make greater contributions to the development and integration of Kon Tum province in particular and of the country in general.