Dong Nai Water JSC Affirming Position

5:03:41 PM | 12/7/2017

After going public in 2015, Dong Nai Water Joint Stock Company (Dowaco) has achieved remarkable successes, profits and rising revenues, reduced water leakage to 18 per cent, and attained good results in management and renovation. This is also a solid premise for Dowaco to affirm its position, and meet all water demand for production in industrial parks and livelihoods in residential areas.

Equitisation efficiency
Dong Nai Water Joint Stock Company, formerly Bien Hoa Water Plant established after the southern liberation, exploits, processes and supplies water for residents in urban areas and industrial facilities and builds water supply and pumping stations. Up to now, Dowaco has basically completed the water supply system for Bien Hoa City, Nhon Trach, Trang Bom, Vinh Cuu, Long Thanh, Thong Nhat and other districts, costing trillions of Vietnamese dong. Since being equitised on January 1, 2015, Dowaco has constantly focused investment in equipment and network development. By the end of 2016, the water loss decreased from 28 per cent to 18 per cent, sending its profit to VND108 billion in the year. Especially, in the first quarter of 2017, the water loss was 19.3 per cent, with 16.5 per cent in March. Its customer base was increased by 4,556 households. With this momentum, the company will strive to cut water loss to less than 15 per cent in 2017 - 2018,” said Mr Phan Hung, Director of Dowaco.

Mr Pham The Tang, Manager of Dowaco Planning Department, said, “Apart from simultaneously introducing water loss prevention solutions by installing inverters, upgrading old pipelines, controlling water pressures and enhancing recording and collection of customers, the company has focused on three basic solutions: Continue to replace mechanical water metres with electromagnetic metres for customers, particularly devices aged over five years in Bien Hoa City (expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018, with 68,000 units); continue to upgrade zinc-plated pipes with HDPE pipes; and coordinate with relent bodies to monitor water quality in densely populated areas, as well as areas under construction.” To uphold above works, Dowaco is also carrying out many expansion projects funded by ODA loans, commercial loans and its own resources. The company is now also investing in water supply systems in Vinh Tan, Thanh Phu, Xuan Truong - Xuan Loc, and Tam Phuoc - Bien Hoa City.

Identifying new tasks
After going public, apart from advantages, the company has also faced difficulties. Although Dowaco has financial resources for its effective network development projects, which result in higher profitability, it sometimes cannot have enough working capital when it undertakes big projects. Dowaco Director Phan Hung said, “Against this backdrop, the company intends to pursue stable development with investment strategies for resources like facilities, equipment and land. With this effective approach, the company’s investment capital for facilities has amounted over VND1,000 billion to produce 363,400 cubic metres a day, thus ensuring water supply for industrial parks and residential areas while quickly developing water supply infrastructure and contributing to local socioeconomic development.”

In addition to developing its water resource and water supply network, the company has continuously improved its management skills and expanded its customer network; reorganised and streamlined its apparatus towards building a set of performance standards. The company has monitored and regulated pump pressures to increase low-pressure places to ensure enough water supply for livelihoods and production of customers. Specifically, it has strictly complied with water supply technical management standards 33:2006; invested in upgrading and repairing networks, replacing degraded pipelines to reduce water loss and ensure water quality. The concern has performed regular cleaning, pipe cleaning; ensured water pressures for fire pumps on its system; protected the environment in the process of repairing and installing water supply pipelines for customers. Dowaco always makes every effort to meet all water demands in urban areas and industrial production areas. According to the Provincial People’s Committee’s approval, the company will produce 1 million cubic metres a day by 2020.

Han Luong