Tin Nghia Corporation Together with Dong Nai Province’s Economic Development

4:10:27 PM | 5/12/2017

Through 28 years of development, Tin Nghia has become one of the leading corporations in Dong Nai province, reaching the Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, as voted by the Vietnam Report Company (VNR).

Efforts paid off
Tin Nghia is one of the leading infrastructure investment companies in Dong Nai province, managing eight industrial parks with a total area of over 3,500 hectares. Some of the industrial parks have been invested and completed for lease, such as Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park, Tam Phuoc Industrial Park, and Bau Xeo Industrial Park. Up to now, Tin Nghia's industrial parks have attracted 251 land leasing projects with a total investment capital of over US$5.4 billion, creating more than 90,000 jobs, contributing to local socio-economic development.

Tin Nghia’s industrial parks are increasingly appreciated by customers, and attracting more and more attention of investors. At present, most enterprises operating in Tin Nghia industrial parks have achieved good results in production and business. Some enterprises are step by step expanding their production scale, increasing land area to respond promptly to the needs of the market and customers, such as YKK (Japan), Koken (Japan), Plus (Japan), ProMax (Taiwan), Viet Long (Taiwan), and Fashion Garment 2 Company (Sri Lanka) ….

To achieve these successes, Tin Nghia Corporation always adheres to the principle that “industrial park development must be stable and sustainable to contribute to the development of local socio-economy”. Tin Nghia has been working to ensure general planning over the long-term (50 years) and synchronous investment to maximise efficiency, to develop services including one-stop service, to improve service capability to fully satisfy demands of customers and to maximise support for investors through the provision of available services such as forwarding services, customs clearance, logistics, architectural consultancy, factory construction, and provision of gas and petrol in place for businesses. In addition, Tin Nghia also facilitates the restaurant business, Japanese style coffee shop in Nhon Trach 3, provides professional security services, ensuring security for those in need in Tin Nghia’s industrial parks, and installs vending machines to serve employees and investors. The policy of Tin Nghia is always to adapt for better management and operation: Management Board of Tin Nghia Parks has set up specialised counterpart teams with the guideline: "Timely, dedicated, accountable".

Attracting talented people
Since 2007, Tin Nghia has implemented a human resource development strategy focusing on the development of a contingent of highly qualified and capable staff. It has provided regular training and retraining of human resources in the whole system, and other various types of training such as internal training, domestic and international training. Particularly, Tin Nghia has invested and developed young human resources by sending officers and staff to universities for Bachelor, MSc and PhD programs at home and abroad in the US, Ukraine, Singapore, Thailand, France, the UK and Australia. Tin Nghia is very interested in developing policies to attract talented people with good morals. The company also creates opportunities for good people to challenge and advance, especially in recent times by building policies to attract foreign employees.

Continuing to develop four main areas
Tin Nghia is the leading petroleum retailer with 45 petrol stations in all districts, with the motto "Right quality – sufficient quantity – Courtesy Always". By 2020, the company will have developed the number of stations to 100. At present, Phu Huu – Nhon Trach petroleum depot is being invested to develop the petroleum trading system from direct import to distribution to consumers.

The company will invest in the infrastructure system of the industrial parks by completing the infrastructure of Ong Keo Industrial Park, Dat Do Industrial Park and An Phuoc Industrial Park…, to attract more investment. Besides, the company is expanding the fully leased industrial parks to exploit advantages of scale and reduce costs, improve management efficiency; to combine the development of industrial parks with neighbouring residential areas and the construction of green parks of appropriate sizes along with residential areas and markets to serve the industrial parks. The company is developing new products and services: factory for lease in industrial parks, marketplaces, offices for lease in trade centres, services of industrial parks and other services for investors, while providing package services to investors in industrial parks from establishment to full operation.

Being one of the top five coffee exporters of Vietnam, the company has been honoured as a reliable exporter for over 10 years by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Currently, Tin Nghia is investing in building a factory to produce instant coffee with advanced technology, the most modern equipment to meet the standards of quality, safety in production and friendly environment. In the first Phase, the factory has a capacity of 3,200 tonnes of finished products per year. The investment capital of about US$28 million, covering an area of 5.4 hectares in the Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Park located along the 25C road linking Ho Chi Minh City to Long Thanh International Airport. Its products will be consumed in the domestic and global markets.

In addition, Tin Nghia is also implementing a project to expand the warehouse and clearance system in Nhon Trach, investing in the construction of Phu Huu General Port for the sustainable development goal, expansion of services and increase in the customer demand, and bringing satisfaction to customers through optimisation of service time and cost.