Dong Nai Remains Appealing Destination for FDI Firms

5:08:26 PM | 12/7/2017

Despite global economic fluctuations and fierce competition trends, Dong Nai province has still managed to achieve optimistic results in foreign direct investment (FDI). The province continues to be the most attractive investment destination for FDI investors, especially those from South Korea and Japan.

The Dong Nai Department of Planning and Investment said that province drew US$482.7 million of FDI in the year to May 18, equal to 54.72 per cent of the value in the same period of 2016 (US$882.2 million) and 48.3 per cent of the full-year plan. Particularly, 26 new projects registered to invest US$168 million and 38 existing projects added US$314.7 million to their registered capital.

Foreign investors in Dong Nai province mainly come from Asian countries, largely from South Korea, Japan and Singapore. Some big investors are from British Virgin Islands and Germany.

The province had attracted 1,692 FDI project with US$30,782 million as May 18, 2017, including 1,275 effective projects valued US$25,946.5 million and 417 revoked projects with US$4,835.7 million.

Some notable FDI projects in Dong Nai province in the first five months of 2017 included a US$55 million project of Pou Phong Vietnam Co., Ltd (British Virgin Islands) and a US$60 million project of Powerknit Vietnam Co., Ltd (British Virgin Islands). Both are new projects. Capital-added projects comprised of Pou Sung Vietnam Co., Ltd (China) with over US$80 million in Bau Xeo Industrial Park; Full Way Co., Ltd project with US$30 million of Marshall in Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Park; and an addition of over US$50 million by Long Thai Tu Yarn Co, Ltd (South Korea) in Long Khanh Industrial Park.

Notably, investment projects in Dong Nai province basically match the province’s policy of selectively attracting projects using high tech, employing skilled workers, manufacturing industrial components and using environment-friendly technology.

Huong Vy