TCC Group Launched MM Mega Market Thang Long in Hanoi

4:31:37 PM | 14/12/2017

TCC Group from Thailand unveiled its MM Mega Market Thang Long in Hanoi on December 13 as the next step in the pathway to transform Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam (‘Metro Vietnam’) to MM Mega Market Vietnam (‘MM Mega Market Vietnam’) as announced early this year.

The launch of a first MM Mega Market store in North Vietnam is a further demonstration of TCC group’s strong commitment for investment in Vietnam, for bring its products and services to consumers in the North.
Addressing the launch ceremony, Mr. Phidsanu Pongwatana, Managing Director, MM Mega Market Vietnam, said: “With big changes, from image, store layout to new product development from the previous Metro Cash & Carry, MM Mega Market Vietnam is advancing food safety by developing safe food supply chains through partnerships with local farmers and suppliers. Our aim is to offer safe and quality food products to consumers.”

To achieve this goal, in April 2017, MM Mega Market set in motion a pork platform in Dong Nai, purchasing VietGAP standard pork from over 400 pork farmers from 23 agricultural cooperatives. MM Mega Market is currently buying about 250 tons a month of pork from farmers in Dong Nai. Going forward, MM Mega Market will continue working with LIFSAP (a World Bank project for animal husbandry competition and food safety) to set in place another pork platform in the North.

“We are on the lookout for good farmers and business partners from northern provinces to build a MM Mega Market Pork Platform. I am confident that this plan will benefit the farmers doing business with MM, given our large-quantity and reliable purchases and good offered prices. I believe that this pork platform will help MM customers in North Vietnam to put away the worry of food safety for pork, which has recently emerged as a very serious concern”, added Phidsanu.

The new modern warehouse concept, offering maximum convenience and happiness for shoppers, MM Mega Market has tirelessly developed new services for customers. “We have started using QR codes (label encoded with product information) to allow shoppers to easily track down food origin with their smartphones at MM stores all over the country. More recently, we started offering free delivery in just under two hours within a 10-km radius to provide MM customers with the maximum convenience possible”, Phidasanu said.

One of Thailand’s most important investor in Vietnam, MM Mega Market will help TCC Group to fast-track its policy of marketing and distribution of Vietnamese products to Thailand and other ASEAN markets. Phidasnu said: “We just received our export license, which is a major step forward enabling us to further support promoting Vietnamese products in Thailand as well as other countries that we are maintain our presence.”

To speed up cross-border shipments, MM Mega Market is not only supporting domestic businesses to connect to Big C’s distribution system in Thailand (Big C Thailand is an affiliate of TCC Group), but also putting together field trips for purchasing teams from Thailand. In these trips, we communicate about source areas, farming and production processes, quality control practices, and so on, to keep them informed about available supplies from Vietnam”, added Phidsanu.

Following the unveil of the MM Mega Market in North Vietnam, next week, there will be a similar launch in the central part of the country in Da Nang, along with other MM stores across the country in 2017.
MM Mega Market Vietnam (formerly Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam) started its wholesale operations locally in 2002 and now has developed to 19 stores all over the country with more than 3,300 employees on the staff.

Nam Pham