CIZIDCO Partnering with Quang Nam in International Integration

5:46:28 PM | 18/7/2018

As a pioneer in industrial zone investment and development in Quang Nam province, during the past 10 years of development, Chu Lai Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development Company Limited (CIZIDCO) has carried out the mission of creating modern industrial zones with outstanding utility services for customers and become one of the key locomotives for the process of industrialisation, modernisation and international economic integration of Quang Nam province.

Leading developer of industrial zones
To affirm its brand name in industrial zone investment and development, one of leading criteria that CIZIDCO has been striving for is building model industrial zones where technical infrastructure is modern and synchronous, integrated with many outstanding facilities to meet investors’ needs. Bac Chu Lai Industrial Zone and Tam Thang Industrial Zone are its precious brainchildren and its pride in Quang Nam province.
Not only having good locations, convenient traffic access and available ‘hard’ infrastructure, Bac Chu Lai and Tam Thang industrial zones also strongly appeal enterprises and investors with their ‘soft’ infrastructure, that is, attractive investment incentives, practical supports and the attitude of CIZIDCO.

After 10 years of development investment, Bac Chu Lai and Tam Thang industrial zones have housed 49 investment projects with nearly US$400 million of foreign direct investment (FDI) and VND4,530 billion (US$200 million) of domestic direct investment (DDI). Adopting its action slogan of “Success of investors is our own success”, CIZIDCO has actively supported and provided investors with the best services and utilities, thus helping generate new employment for over 6,000 locals, speed up socio-economic development, and ensure harmonious benefits for Quang Nam province and investors.

Many renowned products are made by tenants in Bac Chu Lai Industrial Zone, for example, float glass made by Chu Lai - Indevco Floating Glass Joint Stock Company; electronic components made by CCI Vietnam Co., Ltd; export wooden furniture made by Minh Duong Chu Lai Furniture Joint Stock Company, and handicrafts made by Vinh Gia Co., Ltd.

The later-established Tam Thang Industrial Zone has attracted world-leading corporations such as Panko Group and Hyosung Group of South Korea; Fashion Garments of Sri Lanka and Amann Group of Germany. In combination, they have generated nearly 7,000 jobs. Importantly, Tam Thang Industrial Zone has established its brand name in international and domestic markets and become an attractive destination for producers of garment, automobile and machine parts.

CIZIDCO pays particular attention to environmental protection, aiming at building Bac Chu Lai and Tam Thang industrial zones into bright, green, clean and nice destinations. “CIZIDCO's primary goal is to build green, environmentally-friendly industrial zones, so we do not give massive investment offers for any industry, but we give priority to green industries that use advanced technologies and emit less wastewater and waste,” Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of CIZIDCO Nguyen Van Chung emphasised.

Unlocking new territories
Besides infrastructure development investment, in early 2017, CIZIDCO started to challenge a new potential field: Restaurant and hotel service business with Ban Thach Hotel located at No. 10 Bach Dang Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tam Ky City, right on the arterial route leading to the administrative centre of Tam Ky City and to tourist attractions in the province. Located on an area of 3.68 ha, the 7-storey hotel has 98 rooms, seven luxury villa sections with private swimming pools, and two tennis courts, catering accommodation, conferencing, birthday, wedding party and other services for up to 500 people.

Chairman Chung said that whether it is industrial zone development investment or restaurant and hotel business, CIZIDCO always devotes its ultimate efforts, human resources and material resources to achieve the highest efficiency. Thus, the company has contributed positively to the economic development of Quang Nam province. That is also the aspiration of CIZIDCO to stand by the side of Quang Nam province in the process of industrialisation, modernisation and international economic integration.

Cong Luan