Bac Lieu Seizing Every Opportunity for Inclusive Development

11:17:25 AM | 7/5/2019



Bac Lieu is known not only as the center of Oc Eo culture but also as a land of unique cultural beauty, stupendous rice farming and aquaculture. In an interview given to Vietnam Business Forum Magazine, Mr. Duong Thanh Trung, Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial People’s Committee, always emphasized that the province will utilize every potential and advantage and sees marine economic development as one of leading pillars for local economic development in the present and future. Han Luong reports.

How has socioeconomic development fared in the last five years?

Over the past years, Bac Lieu has expressed its determinations and efforts, obtained successes in most socioeconomic fields; and managed to further raise the material and spiritual life of the people. In 2018, among 20 major socioeconomic development targets, the province achieved 19, with six revised up from late 2017. The economic structure positively shifted toward the expected pattern. Total investment capital, export value and retail value strongly increased from a year earlier. In particular, the province's gross regional domestic product (GRDP) expanded 8.36% over 2017, the third straight year the province got a higher growth rate than the previous years (even higher than the revised rate set by the Provincial People’s Council to 7 - 7.5%). The poverty rate fell to 4.3%. Political security, social order and safety were maintained.

Before many huge advantages and opportunities, what solutions did Bac Lieu province adopt to hold its economic development pace and ensure social security?



The success of the province came from three factors: (1) The unity, resolution and radicality of the Party, the government and people in the province; (2) the guidance and support of the Government, the Prime Minister and central authorities; (3) the effort of the business community. Defining right potential and strengths and promoting such pluses at the right time, the province has seen great opportunities for development. Clear orientations and focused social investment resources have enabled the province to better embrace opportunities.
2019 is defined as a banner year for Bac Lieu province to finish its goals set to be achieved in 2020 and to decide the outcome of the target “By the end of the administration term, Bac Lieu province will stand among good provinces and cities in the country.” Accordingly, the province will continue to perform economic restructuring, change innovative growth model and improve economic performance and competitiveness. It will continue to effectively carry out five pillars of economic and social development: agriculture - where high-tech agriculture is a priority, focused on effective shrimp and rice farming; renewable energy (wind power and solar power) and gas-fueled electricity; tourism development; high-quality trade, service, education and health development; and marine economic development coupled with national defense and security. Bac Lieu also adopted many solutions to further improve the business and investment climate and speed up site clearance to quicken the progress of licensed projects. The province also concentrated on building a synchronous socioeconomic infrastructure, accelerating the progress of key projects to quickly bring them into operation, mobilizing all potential and attracting domestic and foreign investment resources; speeding up scientific and technological development and application in all fields. A success-deciding solution to realize its objectives is all agencies and people in the province must thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the principle of action “Solidarity, discipline, responsibility, creativity and efficiency.”

Untimely, ineffective and inconsistent administrative procedure reforms will constrain and restrain economic development. What do you think about this?

The bright spot of Bac Lieu province is simply economic growth and some social issues. Its development based on local comparative advantages, effective technological application, strong, close interaction of agriculture, energy and environment in a sustainable way. In particular, the administrative procedure reform is always taken seriously and effectively by all levels, branches and localities in Bac Lieu province. This is an important step in promoting local socioeconomic development and gradually affirming Bac Lieu province’s leadership in administrative procedure reform, clearly featured by its Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). Certainly, the awareness of public employees needs to be enhanced by introducing initiatives to tackle regulatory problems concerning administrative procedures, especially relating business registration, investment, construction and environment.

Currently, the province is testing and planning to start official operation of the Bac Lieu Public Administration Center in April 2019. All provincial and district administrative agencies will provide public services online on the Electronic Information Portal in 2019. It will disclose administrative procedures on mass media, pledge to provide sufficient information on administrative procedures and related documents, enabling users to download administrative forms.

To be successful, Bac Lieu must have a desire for comprehensive development. So, as a provincial leader, what message do you want to send to businesses and investors interested in the local business environment?

No matter what development direction Bac Lieu province adopts, it needs to be closely linked with the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. It needs to get rid of local thinking and administrative boundaries and form regional connectivity, especially with Kien Giang, Soc Trang and Ca Mau. That determination is not only demonstrated by words but also by drastic actions, programs, plans and deployments, which are most evident in investment promotion activities and contents and meetings with investors. The provincial government hosts many regular meetings and dialogues with businesses to grasp their aspirations and assist them to deal with existing difficulties. The province is applying highest incentives and support in the regulatory framework for investors. Bac Lieu always desires and resolves to embrace every opportunity. We are committed to actively cooperate and timely solve every problem with the highest responsibility, work together to create new values ​​and share a sustainable development future.

Thank you very much!