Huu Hao Tea JSC Affirms International Brand Position

11:33:26 AM | 14/8/2019

Huu Hao Tea Joint Stock Company is a proudly well-reputed tea brand of Vietnam and stands out among top-performing enterprises of Yen Bai province. The company's products not only hold their positions on the domestic market, but also increase their popularity around the world.

Director Nguyen Trong Huu

Currently, the company is growing with key products, including green tea and black tea, which respectively account for 30% and 70% of its total output. In order for export value to account for 95 - 98% of current revenue, the company’s leaders are always active to capture and handle information on domestic and international consumption markets.

To make high quality products of distinctive flavors, tea buds are carefully processed, from harvesting to treatment. Huu Hao Tea Joint Stock Company invested in a CTC tea processing technology from India since 2004, allowing it to make products of high food hygiene and safety but keep its high productivity. At the same time, the company also improved packages and designs to impress the market and raise product value.

In addition to investment in modern machinery and equipment, the company attaches great importance to improving personnel quality and building input sources. Huu Hao Tea Joint Stock Company opened training classes to equip its employees with enough practical knowledge, tune up production processes, adhere to quality, hygiene and safety management systems; educate its employees on labor safety regulations, food hygiene and safety, internal rules of machine and technological operations to minimize labor accidents. Particularly, the company takes care of its employees, fertilizes tea trees and use environmentally friendly crop protection chemicals to ensure to produce premium fresh tea buds. At the same time, the firm organizes a strong network of purchasing and selecting points throughout the province to pick standard tea buds while ensuring competitive prices and benefits for employees.

With products of perfect quality and international standards, Huu Hao tea is welcomed by international markets such as East Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan (China).

The current success of Huu Hao Tea Joint Stock Company significantly came from the dedication of Director Nguyen Trong Huu. To sustain the company’s development, as the top leader, he adopted clear policies and orientations to lead its chain-based development model, raise product quality and price and boost exports. He is trusted and respected by his employees and colleagues as he is a resolute, visionary and dedicated director. He is also responsible to his employees. Together with the company’s leadership, he is determined to bring Huu Hao tea to the world and make it a product for consumers.

With the determination of the leadership, the consensus and devotion of all the staff and a right development approach, Huu Hao Tea Joint Stock Company will further grow and bring the “Huu Hao Tea” brand closer to world in the future.