Speeding up IT Application for Sustainability and Integration

10:34:43 AM | 19/8/2019

Yen Bai province climbed one place in the 2018 information technology application rankings that measured ministries, ministry-level agencies, governmental agencies and centrally run provinces and cities, released by the Ministry of Information and Communications. This outcome recognized the efforts of Yen Bai province in carrying out solutions to information technology application in State agencies.

To effectively apply IT to administration from provincial to grassroots levels and enhance awareness of public employees of stronger IT application, the Department of Information and Communications pays regular attention to buttressing IT application inspections and assessments, thus promptly proposing tasks and solutions to meet administrative reform requirements. In particular, in order to concretize directions of the Government and the Prime Minister, Yen Bai province issued and carried out many IT development programs and policies suitable to localized, sector-specific conditions.

Up to now, the province has deployed and operated document management and administration software for 29 provincial departments, 17 department-affiliated agencies, nine districts and 180 communes and wards; got connected to the National System to send and receive documents from the Government Office to three levels of government of Yen Bai province, ensured vertical and horizontal interconnectivity in State agencies, and ensured connectivity and utilization of online document management and administration software for all State agencies in the province, one provincial electronic portal which includes a key website, 38 member websites run by provincial departments and district-level governments, and some websites owned by social and political organizations. The Yen Bai Online Public Administration Service Portal System was launched and applied in 22 units, including 20 province-level agencies and two district-level agencies - Van Yen and Van Chan - and is being extended to public administration service divisions at district and commune levels.

In 2014 - 2018, the Yen Bai Department of Information and Communications trained about 600 public employees at all levels, created breakthroughs and changes in all levels of leadership, changed working attitudes of employees and played a significant role in building a transparent and effective public administration.

Mr. Tran Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications, affirmed that, besides applying IT software to management and administration, Yen Bai province is also investing in IT infrastructure systems. Currently, all State agencies have LAN and ADSL and FTTH high-speed internet connections; and all computers are connected to the internet. Specialized data transmission networks in Party and State agencies in the province have been deployed at 111 places, including 33 provincial agencies and district-level agencies and 78 commune-level units. The shared information technology application system has also been put into operation in the specialized data transmission network of Party and State agencies.

IT development and application has facilitated public administration reform, strengthened management and administration capabilities, and improved the operational quality and efficiency of State agencies. Typical applications include budget management software and property management software; expense software (Department of Finance); personnel management software and administrative boundary management software (Department of Home Affairs); social insurance transaction software (Yen Bai Social Security); centralized tax management application (Tax Department); and online business registration (Department of Planning and Investment).