Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd: Quality Is Above All

12:52:08 PM | 15/8/2019

Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd with its outstanding experience and capacity has become a leading professional constructor of transport, irrigation, technical infrastructure and civil engineering works in Yen Bai province.

Director Tran Vinh Hoang

The company has carried out many infrastructure construction projects in Yen Bai province in the past years like a VND64 billion land fund development in Residence 3, Mu Cang Chai district and a VND15 billion land fund development in Residence 8A, Yen Binh district.

Hoang Long Company ensures the progress, quality, technology, warranty and schedule of its projects, and they are highly appreciated by investors and partners. Therefore, in just five years since its restructuring and participation in construction field in Yen Bai province, its competitiveness and prestige have continuously improved.

Director Tran Vinh Hoang said, in the last five years, the company’s management has always adhered to the principle: Construction quality is above all, key to success. Its human resources of high professional qualifications and profound experience are regularly further trained to improve their knowledge about economy, society, culture and law, update business management skills, change management and communications. The company has also boldly invested a lot to purchase and supplement vehicles, machines and tools for construction. Hoang Long also builds, applies, maintains and regularly improves the outcome of world-standard quality management system which is strictly complied by all the staff.

However, starting with a tiny scale, it is tough for the company to win the competition in the current construction market. Therefore, to overcome this limitation, Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd is cooperating with other partners to not only enhance competitiveness and strength to carry out large projects together but also increase experience, create cooperation motivations for innovation and corporate culture construction in the context of increasing integration.

With its positive solution and approach, Hoang Long has strongly grown its scale and capacity. Currently, in addition to more than 20 back-office staffs and three construction teams, the company also employs hundreds of seasonal workers, up to 250 people sometime. Therefore, the company's revenue has continuously increased robustly in recent years: less than VND1 billion in 2014, VND31 billion in 2017, VND53 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach VND60 billion in 2019.

Director Tran Vinh Hoang added, Yen Bai province is currently carrying out many open mechanisms and policies and it has thus attracted a lot of domestic and foreign investment projects to promote industry, agriculture, services and economy. This is also a condition for the province to improve development planning, invest in infrastructure development, create a favorable environment for economic sectors, encourage startup support and help businesses access to many projects in the province. That is a favorable condition for Hoang Long to expand and deploy projects in the province successfully and expand its business lines and activities in the near future.

Nevertheless, the company still faces a lot of difficulties, especially in mobilizing capital to carry out projects. In the context of limited public investment, payment settlement for construction works is quite time-consuming while it has to take on new projects or implement many projects at the same time, leading to massive fund mobilization from various sources. Therefore, Hoang Long and other businesses want provincial authorities to introduce mechanisms and policies to broaden access to capital and get active support for quick settlement of administrative procedures. This is important for enterprises to operate effectively, maintain stable operations, expand production - business scales and contribute more to socioeconomic development.

Mr. Tran Vinh Hoang, Director of Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd was born and grew up in Yen Bai province. After graduating from the National Economics University in 1999, he worked at Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Corporation (Vinaconex) and, at the same time, studied and graduated from National University of Civil Engineering in 2004. Experiencing many different positions at Vinaconex, he always completed all tasks. In 2009, he cooperated with some other people to take on small-scale projects and achieve positive results. From that foundation to 2014, Mr. Tran Vinh Hoang and his partners decided to purchase and reorganize Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd specialized in basic construction in Yen Bai province. From the first project with a modest scale of only VND600 million (Irrigation Project in Hop Minh commune - Yen Bai City), Hoang Long kept the schedule and quality for following projects, thus affirming its capacity in the locality. Since then, Mr. Tran Vinh Hoang has built and developed Hoang Long Construction and Trading Co., Ltd into a capable and prestigious contractor in Yen Bai province.