Improving Business Support Efficiency

12:08:57 PM | 15/8/2019

In the past time, to carry out policies of the Provincial Party Committee and directions of the People’s Committee on solutions for better investment and business and business environment, the industry and trade sector of Yen Bai province has promoted administrative reforms and online public services, effectively carried out trade and industrial promotion programs, actively grasped and informed research and survey needs and market research, tackled difficulties and enhanced competitiveness for local businesses.

Mr. Pham Trung Lan, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, said, “In 2019, in the context of complicated, unpredictable economic situation of Vietnam in general and Yen Bai in particular, with intertwined opportunities and difficulties, under the timely guidance of the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Yen Bai province, with the coordination of sectors, localities and business community, the industry and trade sector of Yen Bai province achieved some remarkable results in the first five months of 2019."

From January to May 2019, industrial production remained stable and growing. Companies in the sector performed well in the period. Industrial production value was estimated at VND4,152 billion, equal to 34.6% of the full-year plan and up 11.2% year on year. The industrial production index climbed 7.16% over the same period of 2018. In particular, the industrial production activity grew steadily and the export value markedly rose 27.22% year on year to US$64 million, equal to 37.59% of the yearly plan. Stable commercial activity, abundant supply and demand of goods and materials met consumption requirements. Total retail revenue of goods and services sold increased 11.11% to VND7,282 billion in the first five months of 2019, equaling 38.32% of the yearly plan.

In addition, the industry and trade sector of Yen Bai province strived to carry out consistent solutions to support and solve difficulties against enterprises through industrial promotion, energy conservation and trade promotion activities like supporting enterprises to build brands and product marks, organizing regional and provincial trade fairs, taking part fairs and conferences in other provinces, organizing business delegations to promote trade to expand export markets, encouraging enterprises to expand production investment and employment.

Deputy Director Pham Trung Lan said, to support companies to deal with obstacles to boost production and business, the Department of Industry and Trade of Yen Bai paid special attention to reforming administrative procedures, and bettering the investment and business environment, especially bringing administrative procedures to the Yen Bai Public Administration Center. Currently, all dossiers have been solved in time, thus creating favorable conditions for people and businesses.

In 2019, the sector has striven to complete key targets: Industrial production value of over VND12 trillion, total retail sales of goods and services of over VND19 trillion, and export value of US$170 million. To fulfil its assigned political task, the sector strictly adhered to directions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee on management guidelines and policies on industrial development planning and industrial restructuring scheme to boost rapid and sustainable industrial development and environmental protection, the Department of Industry and Trade has effectively carried out plans, projects and programs approved by the Provincial People’s Committee and strengthened investment promotion; sped up administrative procedure reform, interconnected to the Yen Bai Public Administration Center, regularly updated new regulations, publicized administrative processes, and reduced the time required to handle administrative procedures. These activities have helped improve the investment and business environment, tackle difficulties and enhance competitiveness for local businesses.

In particular, the department has focused on effectively utilizing State-funded industrial stimulation and trade promotion sources, seeking more sources from local budgets for industrial and trade promotion programs, encouraging enterprises to invest in technological innovation for higher product quality and value, supporting businesses to exhibit their products and services in Vietnam and abroad to seek new partners, expand markets and form business cooperation with other partners.