Adding Value to Kim Boi Mineral Water

11:13:41 AM | 3/3/2020

This is a strong resolution realized by a huge investment for building modern production and bottling lines to enhance the value of Kim Boi mineral water in various aspects by entrepreneur Vu Hai Phong, Director of Kim Boi Mineral Water Joint Stock Company and his partners.

For a long time, Kim Boi mineral water has been known as a valuable gift of nature for Hoa Binh. According to many experts, Kim Boi mineral water is one of the best of its kind in the world, together with mineral sources from France, Russia, and Hungary. Kim Boi mineral water is extracted from limestone beds formed 250 million years ago at a depth of 175.5 meters, with a temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius. Its composition consists of many minerals useful for human health such as calcium, sodium and magnesium.

Tests by competent authorities also confirmed that mineral water in Kim Boi is qualified for direct drinking, cooling and addition of essential minerals for human body and can be used to cure some diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, gout, neurological diseases (neuritis, poliomyelitis sequelae), psychological diseases (killing stress and depression, calming the nervous system), and urologic diseases (urinary tract infections, nephritis and kidney stones). It is very good for skincare and haircare.

In the early twentieth century, Frenchmen explored and surveyed this mineral water source and began to extract it on a small scale. In recent decades, Kim Boi Mineral Water Joint Stock Company has held the license to tap Kim Boi mineral water. Established in 1974, the company, which was formerly a unit of the Labor Union of Hoa Binh Province, was renamed to Kim Boi Mineral Water Joint Stock Company in 1998. Currently, the company is the largest producer and supplier of Kim Boi mineral water with a yearly capacity of 10 million bottles. Kim Boi mineral water, a true brand of Vietnam, has been trusted and supported by customers throughout the country in the past years.

With many useful attributes and outstanding quality, the company’s Kim Boi mineral water has been used in many international and national conferences and many hotels and restaurants in the country.

While consumers are very keen on mineral water good for their health, they are unable to access this sort of product. This concerns the company’s leadership and people who understand the value of this precious mineral water, including entrepreneur Vu Hai Phong.

Once an executive of a large corporation engaged in manufacturing, construction, property trading and investment in Hanoi and many provinces and cities nationwide, Phong was lucky enough to understand the value of this precious mineral water quite early. He understood the company’s difficulties and obstacles in mineral water production and business in Kim Boi. After careful consideration, in 2018, he decided to run Kim Boi Mineral Water Joint Stock Company. With great resolve, he and his colleagues invested a lot of money in a modern mineral water plant.

Embarking on a new business field, he and the company’s leadership boosted production and market development to bring Kim Boi mineral water to a new high. At the same time, the company cooperated and carried out an investment project to upgrade and expand two new production and bottling lines powered by cutting-edge German technology to turn out 60 million bottles a year. Remarkably, the company boldly invested in a glass bottle production line with an annual output capacity of 30 million bottles. Completely recyclable, the use of glass bottles for storing mineral water will positively help environmental protection.

Entrepreneur Vu Hai Phong said, catching up with the world trend, central and local authorities in Vietnam are encouraging the use of glass-bottled products, thus the investment in this production line. In late 2019, the company completed building workshops to prepare for the installation of machinery in the first quarter of 2020 and put it into operation in early 2020 to launch high-quality, environment-friendly and health-boosting products onto the market.

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