Tra Vinh Promotes OCOP Program to Facilitate Rural Economic Restructuring

10:39:34 AM | 21/5/2020

Currently, the OCOP Program 2020 of Tra Vinh province is being considered but the province has developed many products qualified for 1-3 star class for the domestic market and 4-5 star class for export. In 2019, the Provincial People's Committee decided to recognize 30 products qualified for standards of One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program.

To execute the Prime Minister's Decision 490/QD-TTg dated May 9, 2018 ratification of OCOP Program in 2018-2020, the province took consistent solutions and mobilized social resources to carry out OCOP Program in 2018-2020, with a vision to 2030 to achieve the progress and outcome as directed by the Prime Minister to fulfil the criteria of the National Criteria for New Rural Development, facilitate rural economic restructuring, and raise incomes and living standards for people. At the same time, the province targeted that each district, town and city must have at least three products standardized to carry 3-star rankings by the end of 2020. Each commune, ward or township forms regional connectivity to have at least one product made along the value chain, develop one product made by regional efforts, and build value chains for two OCOP products. The province will encourage businesses, cooperatives and economic entities to participate in the OCOP Program.

According to Tra Vinh Coordinating Office for New Rural Development, the OCOP Program 2020 will enhance production management and business management; develop production and business forms, increase benefits to the community, and develop the rural economy. The province will build brands, proprietary brands and business development strategies for flagship products and OCOP products; develop key product value chains, and create many products of high quality, locally strong comparativeness to meet domestic market and export demands.

Developing OCOP products will create jobs and increase incomes for local people, especially rural workers. Therefore, Tra Vinh province has promoted effective and sustainable agricultural development with appropriate approaches. To date, nine districts, towns and cities all have their own distinctive OCOP products. Many localities have taken concrete and flexible steps to build brands and promote connectivity in agricultural consumption. Many businesses and cooperatives have striven to bring their products to supermarkets to reach more customers to boost sales and consolidate and develop the collective economy.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum