Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd: Prestige and Quality Make Success

9:44:03 AM | 14/10/2020

By being persistent with its business goals of “Customer interests; social interests and environmental friendliness” since its establishment, Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd has gradually become one of leading feed ingredients suppliers in the Mekong Delta.

Currently, Thanh Khoi is producing bran, flour and pangasius fat and supplying these products to local animal feed producers such as Cargill Vietnam Co., Ltd. C.P Vietnam Livestock Company and JAPFA COMFEED Co., Ltd. In addition, from 2019, the company boosted its bran export to China.

Ensuring input quality

The company’s factory covers an area of over 8 hectares along National Highway 1A in Tan Phu Thanh commune, Chau Thanh A district, Hau Giang province, very convenient for material and product transportation. Besides, the company has a large warehousing system.

To make high quality products, Thanh Khoi focused on building and ensuring the production process from input purchasing, processing and preservation. Cutting-edge equipment and production lines, professional staff and strict quality control process are affirmed strengths of the company in the past years.

Specifically, inputs are selected from reputable vendors to meet the following criteria: stable supply, verified origin and guaranteed quality. The company will send technicians to take product samples for testing before importing to ensure that given criteria are met.

In input purchasing, Thanh Khoi always stresses farmer and customer interests. Even when prices are volatile, the company is willing to accept less profit or even suffer loss, to ensure benefits for partners. This is the corporate principle and commitment of the company to sustainable development.

Next, product preservation also ensures strict safety and quality processes to keep high nutritional value of products.

Along with that, the company attaches great importance to investing in modern equipment and production lines. Currently, the company is applying latest production technologies from Taiwan and Thailand and operating under ISO and HACCP standards.

Inputs will be automatically processed and operated under the supervision of technical experts. Thus, the product not only features stable quality but also has lowest production cost, helping it strengthen competitiveness in the market.

Currently, the Company has fishmeal and fish fat production lines capable of producing 400 tons of fish by-products a day, a bran drying plant of 280 tons per eight hours, and a sheet drying plant of 70 tons per eight hours. Thus, the company’s total production output is over 200,000 tons a year.

Reputation-based branding

After more than 20 years of supplying inputs for animal feed production, Thanh Khoi Company has to date become one of leading feed ingredient suppliers in the Mekong Delta Long, which generates hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for local workers and contributes greatly to the local budget revenue.

The company also always pays attention to developing human resources, regularly organizing training courses to improve their skills and exchange their knowledge and assign skills-based jobs to employees. At the same time, the company attaches much importance to creating a friendly environment, balancing individual and collective interests, and creating a dynamic atmosphere in the workplace to enhance operational performance.

Sharing the company’s business experiences, Director Nguyen Thi Be Tu said that Thanh Khoi always adheres to the operating principle of Prestige - Quality - Dedication - Improvement for Progress and Innovation. In particular, trust is always appreciated not only by partners and customers but also by all employees. Each product is strictly tested for quality before being delivered to partners.

“Although the economy is confronting numerous difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with its prestige, dynamism and careful preparation for different market scenarios and business plans, Thanh Khoi has seen no decline in business performance. The company does not have to cut staff or reduce payrolls, but stands ready to leap further forward when the economy recovers,” she said.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum