Quang Thang Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd: Vietnamese Brand of International Quality

1:52:00 PM | 4/11/2020

Starting as a small-scale cooperative with a very small production facility covering just over 100 square meters, after more than 20 years of development, Quang Thang Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd is now running a spacious factory covering ​​over 10,000 square meters. The company has well-qualified professional, dynamic and experienced human resources and has adopted cutting-edge governance systems and quality management systems of international standards. This is the foundation for the company to make products of beautiful designs, high quality, optimal workable solutions and reasonable costs, and meet the maximum requirements of domestic and international partners and customers.

In order to build prestige and brand name in the market, Quang Thang always uses “perfect construction quality, progress and product warranty” as a guideline to serve customers and places top priorty on market development, both in breadth and in width. Therefore, the company's products win the trust of customers. Currently, Quang Thang is focusing on making main products like condensers, evaporators, refrigeration clusters and industrial refrigeration equipment. The company’s typical products are evaporator lines and condenser lines, the first and only product of international quality to be completely made by a Vietnamese company. Customers will spend less time to have the products ordered, delivered, maintained and guaranteed, thus reducing cost and obtaining higher profit.

With the effective Government-led pandemic control, Vietnam is highly appreciated by the international community and this success will be an opportunity to draw a new wave of redirected global investment flows in the coming time. Taking this opportunity, Quang Thang plans to explore some international markets to boost exports in the coming time.

To do this, we hope that the government and local authorities will support and facilitate us to access land funds and introduce more policies to assist domestic businesses to develop. For example, they should review import tariffs, supplement the list of domestically produced goods, and encourage companies with high localization rates. Then, domestic companies like Quang Thang will be able to improve their capacity and competitiveness, and especially, affirm the national brand “Made in Vietnam”.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thang, Director of Quang Thang Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd

In addition, the bus air-conditioner is one of the products that strengthens the brand reputation of Quang Thang, a product favored by customers for its outstanding features: Installed size technically suitable for passenger bus requirements; reliable and stable operation despite fast speed, strong vibration and shaking, high ambient temperature and humidity, exposure to rainy weather, sunshine, dust, engine smoke and grease; high cooling effect, compact size and lightweight. The product is easy to operate, repair and maintain. The product is auto-temperature adjusted and protected from operational faults. The 24-V control system ensures safety for operators and passengers on board.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Thang, Director of Quang Thang Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd, said, “With more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration electrical engineering, we are proud to bring industrial refrigeration products of 80% localization rate to our customers. Our products are manufactured in a modern factory furnished with complete lines to utilize domestic raw materials to a maximum and ensure European high-quality standards.”

In order to pursue sustainable development and integration, the company leadership attaches great importance to training and developing human resources with high professional qualifications and practical experience to meet strict requirements of customers. Currently, Quang Thang is staffed by more than 80 highly qualified employees who are young dynamic engineers graduated from famous domestic and foreign universities. The company organizes regular inhouse training courses for employees and sends them to attend intensive training courses in developed countries to master advanced modern equipment and technology.

In addition to investment in personnel, Quang Thang seriously invests in facilities, equipment and machines, boldly innovates technology, reforms governance to improve business performance, productivity and competitiveness in domestic and international markets. In 2017, the company decided to invest in expanding factories, synchronous equipment lines and modern technologies to make products of international quality for domestic and export markets. In early 2020, the Hanoi Branch of Quang Thang officially came into operation at 536A Minh Khai Road, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City.

However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, since the beginning of this year, the company’s business performance has been significantly affected. The pandemic broke out just as the company “made every effort” to expand its manufacturing operations, resulting in multiple difficulties. But with a solid foundation of development and the leadership of an experienced director, Quang Thang Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd firmly withstood economic challenges, and stands ready for domestic and international cooperation.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum