Promoting IT Application, Building E-government

10:32:03 AM | 19/1/2021

In recent time, Vinh Phuc province has promptly issued documents directing and organizing the implementation of the Party and State's guidelines and policies on the management and investment in information technology (IT) application in activities of state agencies, towards building e-government in the locality. These have contributed to improving the quality and efficiency of state agencies' operations, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses in the process of implementing administrative procedures.

Up to now, 100% of state management agencies from district or higher level have LAN network, 100% are connected to fiber-optic internet; nearly 100% of provincial cadres, civil servants and public employees, about 95% of district cadres, civil servants and public employees, and 80% of communal cadres and civil servants are equipped with computers. The specialized data transmission network infrastructure has connected 169 units, localities and synchronous to the commune level.

In parallel with the investment in infrastructure and equipment, application software for building e-government and digital signatures have been paid attention, promoted with the deployment of application software in professional activities and state management such as: Document management and administration software deployed for departments, committees, sectors, People's Committees of districts and 136 communes, wards and towns; implementing the link with the Government Office and the ministries and sectors through the national document axis; ensuring the integration of specialized Government digital signatures, and meeting the process of sending and receiving electronic documents.

Along with that, the Provincial Electronic Information - Communication Portal, the Provincial Online Public Service Portal have published 1,813 public administrative procedures, including 486 public services, groups of public services at level 3 and level 4. The online public service portal has been implemented since January 2020 and has linked and synchronized with the National Public Service Portal. Cyber security has always been highly appreciated, ensuring a healthy cyberspace, making Vinh Phuc one of the three localities in the country rated A for information security.

Mr. Vu Manh Toan, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications, said: Through the assessment, the management and investment of IT application in the province contributed to improving the efficiency of environmental management and improvement, and the working style of cadres, civil servants and public employees in the direction of modernity; increasing productivity and quality of handling administrative procedures, and improving the satisfaction index of people and businesses in the implementation of administrative procedures.

In the coming time, with the aim of putting Vinh Phuc in the group of 15 provinces and cities nationwide with high results on the evaluation index of IT application, building e-government, the Department of Information and Communication has proposed a number of solutions to develop mechanisms and policies to complete the system of legal documents, specific guidelines on the contents of state management, investment and IT policies.

At the same time, it will complete infrastructure and deploy active application, mobilizing sources of socialization in performing tasks of IT application, investing in infrastructure development, and building digital databases; accelerating the implementation of IT service hiring in state agencies. It will also increase the common use of information infrastructure; eliminating old technology, applying new 5G technology, deploying national broadband, building data platforms and applying e-finance. It will interconnect information systems, national database infrastructure, sharing digital data, protecting personal data, implementing electronic identification and authentication for individuals, organizations, and serving organization, citizens and socio-economic development requirements of the province. It will also strengthen training and retraining to ensure high-quality IT human resources for e-government development. It is important to promote propaganda information, raising awareness of the people and the whole society about the industrial revolution 4.0 and the role and importance of IT in the development process.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum