PCC-1 Group Makes Positive Contributions to Hung Yen Socio-economic Development

1:09:58 PM | 2/3/2021

With business diversity and right strategic vision, Petrolimex Construction Group Joint Stock Company 1 (PCC-1 Group) affirmed its position in the domestic and international markets.

PCC-1 Group, formerly Construction Company 1 under the Ministry of Materials, was established on March 17, 1969 to build and install petroleum pipelines and storage tanks. After more than 50 years of construction and development, PCC-1 Group has developed a variety of industries and fields like fabricating and installing tanks for petroleum and petrochemical, technology pipes, and supplying commercial concrete, prestressed concrete piles, composite woods, smart parking lots and other products for civil and industrial construction engineering.

With a business diversification approach, to meet strict requirements of investors, projects in Vietnam and also neighboring countries Laos and Cambodia, PCC-1 Group boldly invested in construction and purchase of modern production lines for mechanical factories in Hung Yen province and Ho Chi Minh City and established member companies to carry out construction projects nationwide. With an excellent business philosophy, PCC-1 Group invested in cutting-edge machinery and technology to enhance product quality and work performance. Besides, the company’s human resources are assigned high priority. The employees are provided the best working conditions and have high working spirit. The company is applying many policies to attract high-quality labor resources.

Currently, in Hung Yen province, PCC-1 Group is running three factories, namely Petrolimex Concrete and Construction Co., Ltd, PCC-1 Tank Fabrication and Steel Structure Co., Ltd and PCC-1 Composite Wood Co., Ltd contributed significantly to the provincial budget and employment for local workers.

Petrolimex Concrete and Construction Co., Ltd, based in Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province, invested in a commercial concrete production line in 2009. Currently, PCC-branded concrete is trusted and used by many customers. Its commercial concrete output increases year by year. In 2019, PCC-1 Group invested VND150 billion to build a prestressed concrete pile facility, which started commercial production in early 2020. Trusted and appreciated by customers, its products have been supplied to such projects as Mong Duong Petroleum Warehouse, Duc Giang - Dinh Vu Chemical Warehouse, and Hoa Khanh - Quang Nam Chemical Warehouse.

PCC-1 Tank, Pipeline and Steel Structure Co., Ltd, based in Khoai Chau, Hung Yen, is running tank and compression equipment production facilities for petroleum, LPG , chemical and gas projects. It is equipped with a synchronous modern machinery system, from automatic tank welder, pressure tank and flanging machines with a 6-meter diameter, 800-ton hydraulic compressors and corrugated iron cutting machines, to many other machines for making products that meet ASME international standards.

PCC-1 Wood Plastic Co., Ltd (Queen Wood), located in Van Lam, Hung Yen, manufactures plastic woods such as door panels, wall cladding and ceiling cladding. Plastic wood products, diverse in type and quality, meet international quality and environment standards.

Remarking on the investment environment in Hung Yen province, Mr. Pham Minh Tam, General Director of PCC-1 Group, said, “Over the past years, Hung Yen's investment environment has improved markedly. The province has become an attractive destination for investors. However, to further develop, I think, Hung Yen needs to have clearer zoning and regional planning for industrial zones and urban areas for businesses to make easier investment decisions. In addition, the province needs to speed up reforms to better serve investors and host more conferences and meetings with businesses to learn about their difficulties, as well as their aspirations when they invest in the province.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum