BIDV Ninh Thuan in Close Partnership with the Business Community and the People

12:42:14 PM | 16/3/2021

“Funding businesses is growing the bank," said Mr. Nguyen Tan Vien, Deputy Director of BIDV Ninh Thuan. This is clearly illustrated in the branch’s approach and policy in the context of COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, BIDV and its Ninh Thuan Branch are winning greater trust among customers and partners.

Promptly and fully funding all economic sectors

The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) has been present in Ninh Thuan since 1992. Over 28 years of operation, BIDV Ninh Thuan has made business breakthroughs and promptly met capital demand of investment projects - especially key projects and enterprises of all economic sectors. BIDV Ninh Thuan becomes a reliable partner of the local business community and people, facilitates many businesses and households to have enough money to invest in business operations and increase industrial production value and export value, and helps raise local budget incomes. During the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, BIDV Ninh Thuan actively reduced lending interest rates; rescheduled debt repayment terms, reduced and exempted interest fees; and sped up borrowing processes to help customers deal with difficulties on the principle of ensuring regulatory compliance, regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and BIDV while not loosening and lowering lending conditions.

In the Technology 4.0 development trend, BIDV defined digital banking development as a strategic priority target. Accordingly, modern banking products and services are always effectively provided by BIDV Ninh Thuan. Specifically, iBank services for corporate customers and Smartbanking services for individual customers allow the conducting of transactions anywhere swiftly, securely and conveniently with low cost, thus effectively helping prevent COVID-19 epidemic contagion.

Responsibility and compassion

Beside its business activity, BIDV Ninh Thuan is very keen on social security. “Carrying out corporate social security policy is not only an act of sharing, but also a responsibility of BIDV to the society. From BIDV's social security fund, many schools have been built; hospitals and preventive medicine centers were furnished with medical equipment, scholarships were awarded to many poor students with outstanding study performance. BIDV also twice sponsored VND2.9 billion for Ninh Thuan Investment Promotion Conferences in 2010 and 2016 and funded charity housing construction,” he said.

In recent years, Ninh Thuan is facing many new development opportunities, with green socioeconomic development forms, with priority focused on six sectors: energy, tourism, agriculture - forestry - fisheries, manufacturing - processing, education - training, and construction - real estate. Anticipating this issue, BIDV Ninh Thuan has actively expanded its business, approached investors, appraised projects and funded feasible and effective projects, especially for those in the province. In addition to giving incentive policies to businesses in the province’s priority sectors, BIDV defined local strengths to emphasize suitable investment sectors and create great resources for local socioeconomic development.

The branch lent a VND150-billion Cana fish sauce factory with a yearly output capacity of 25 million liters (operational from July 2020), VND1,500-billion 36-MW Dam Nai wind power plant (operational from December 2018) and many rooftop solar power projects according to the Prime Minister’s Decision 13/2020. To fulfill socioeconomic development tasks, BIDV and its Ninh Thuan Branch in particular always place the human factor at the heart of the BIDV development strategy. Vien said, “We are ready to change, adapt and develop the most effective and professional regulations, policies and working environment. BIDV is always providing businesses with best experiences from the most perfect banking services in order to confidently reach out to the international market.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum