High Performing Vietcombank Quang Ngai

10:08:44 AM | 15/6/2021

Although the world economy, including Vietnam, faced numerous difficulties 2020, Vietcombank's business performance was still safe, effective and impressive. The bank also pioneeringly supported businesses and people to borrow more money by slashing interest rates 5 times for borrowers directly or indirectly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. In the overall success of Vietcombank system, Vietcombank Quang Ngai played a considerable part.

Steadfast in hardship

In the past year, Vietcombank Quang Ngai achieved many business targets. Deposits reached VND6,752 billion and outstanding credits amounted to VND6,917 billion. Credit quality and operational risk were well controlled with low nonperforming loan (NPL) ratio. The customer network continued to be expanded; cards issued increased. Such business indicators as card acceptor network, card issuance and e-banking services grew in line with the Government-backed noncash payment development direction.

Actively following the province’s policies on socioeconomic development and investment attraction, Vietcombank Quang Ngai well carried out monetary, rate, and credit policies in support of enterprises to deal with their hardships with difficulties, especially in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak. The branch also provided safe, modern and effective financial services for domestic and foreign investors and businesses. Its outstanding services included international payment, credit, account, capital management and cash flow management.

To date, Vietcombank Quang Ngai is serving nearly 2,500 domestic and foreign businesses. The branch is always the lender of first choice for FDI enterprises in economic and industrial zones of the province to establish transaction relationships, and is highly appreciated by them for product and service quality as well as service manner, characterized by modern banking. In addition, the branch also focused on lending five priority sectors like SMEs, farmer households, rural business development and rural employment. The branch has worked with local political and social bodies to effectively carry out the movement “The whole country joins hands for new rural development” in the province.

Mr. Vo Van Linh, Director of Vietcombank Quang Ngai, said that to get positive results, the branch always regards customer service as an important task in business development, strengthens connection with customers, and grasps opportunities to better meet customers’ needs to the fullest. In order to lend more to key and potential industries, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has diversified lending forms to reach all economic sectors and actively sought and developed new customers. As a result, credit customers are on the rise year after year. The branch has also paid attention to personnel training, the most decisive factor for its business success. Currently, Vietcombank Quang Ngai's employees are highly qualified, responsible, and well-trained in a dynamic and professional environment, ready to meet the changing and developing requirements in the coming time.

Leading banking service modernization

In addition to business performance, in the digital era, Vietcombank Quang Ngai also took the lead in modernizing banking services, scaling up information technology application and providing international payment, card and non-cash payment services.

In this regard, Director Vo Van Linh said that, since January 27, 2020, Vietcombank has officially provided services on the new core banking system. The new core deployment is of great significance, enabling product and service diversification, especially digital-based products and services. In 2020, Vietcombank started operating many new systems such as multidimensional profit analysis (MPA) and human capital management (HCM), and initiated many digital transformation and technological modernization projects to improve operational capacity and governance according to international practices such as Treasury, ALM, FTP, IFRS9 and PCM. Besides, Vietcombank officially launched the brand new VCB Digibank digital banking service, an integrated multi-channel payment seamlessly working on internet banking and mobile banking environments to deliver the same experience for customers across electronic media and mobile devices. Vietcombank also pioneeringly provided online payment solutions for services on the National Public Service Portal with great convenience, cost effectiveness for customers and made a long step forward to accelerate digital transformation and e-commerce.

In more than 21 years of development, Vietcombank Quang Ngai has always fulfilled its financial obligations to the State Budget. The branch always shared its achievements with the community and the whole society. In 2018 - 2020, it donated over VND19 billion for social security activities. This meaningful voluntary philanthropy has helped brighten the brand of Vietcombank, including Vietcombank Quang Ngai, in the minds of customers.

Following the direction of the State Bank of Vietnam, the Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee and Vietcombank, the branch accelerated payment for public services, and provided tailored online payment solutions for public services for departments and organizations engaged in public administration, health, education and transportation. Continuous transformation and modernization of banking services has boosted the image and competitive of Vietcombank, including Vietcombank Quang Ngai, in the money market and in the hearts of customers, making Vietcombank Quang Ngai the first choice of customers when they want to use banking services.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum