Ninh Binh City Leveraging Economic Development

9:27:01 AM | 31/8/2021

As the economic, political, cultural and social center of the province, Ninh Binh City is always united and focused for diversified economic development and attracts investors capable of creating momentum for the local economy.

In 2021, Ninh Binh City strives to achieve an annual GDP growth of 14.5% or more, collect budget revenue of VND850.5 billion, and generate over 2,200 jobs.

A true driving city

In recent years, Ninh Binh City’s socioeconomic performance has flourished. The average annual production growth expanded 14.1% in 2015 - 2020; the industrial production value was estimated at VND23,115 billion, up 13% over 2019. The economic structure has changed positively, with a rising share of industry and services. The budget revenue has been on the rise year after year. Corporate startups have increased. Trade and service networks have been constructed and consolidated to form commercial centers such as Van Giang and Dong Thanh. Stable and growing economy and high budget revenue have enabled the city to invest in spacious modern urban infrastructure restoration and upgradation.

In addition to economic achievements, Ninh Binh City also achieved important progress in social and cultural development and people's life has been stably improved in many aspects. Public awareness of cultured lifestyle, municipal culture and traffic culture have considerably progressed. Thus, people are increasingly conscious of making the city greener, cleaner and nicer. By the end of 2020, the city had 312 poor households, bringing its poverty rate to 0.86%. 5,084 workers were supported to be self-employed and 2,016 people were provided with vocational training and transferred science and technology transfer.

Mr. Dinh Van Thu, Chairman of Ninh Binh City People's Committee, affirmed that, given what it has achieved, Ninh Binh City is striving to successfully fulfil targets set by the Resolution of the 20th City Party Congress (2020-2025 term). The city is resolved to become a political, administrative, economic, cultural, historical and tourist center of Ninh Binh province; a national cultural, historical tourism center of international stature; an urban traffic hub - the southern gateway of the Northern coastal region; and an important site in national defense and security.

Accelerating investment attraction

2021 is the first year to carry out the Resolution of the 20th Ninh Binh City Party Congress (2020 - 2025 term). The city defined key tasks to focus on economic development, strengthen urban management, build synchronous urban infrastructure; improve cultural quality; and implement social security policies.

To realize these goals, the Ninh Binh City Party Committee is resolved to ensure economic growth and accelerate economic restructuring to develop trade, services and tourism. The city has mobilized economic sectors to invest in commerce, services, tourism, education, industry, and organic agriculture. In addition, the city has consolidated urban management, especially construction investment planning and land management; focused on diversified economic development and attracted investors capable of creating economic breakthroughs.

Chairman Dinh Van Thu affirmed that, over the years, Ninh Binh City has constantly changed thinking and actions; boosted investment and facilitated economic development. In the coming time, the city will further focus on providing favorable conditions to attract and develop production and business projects, prioritizing tourism service development, environmentally friendly high-tech projects,  and preserve and foster cottage industries.

In particular, smart and sustainable city development is the goal of Ninh Binh City. On that basis, the city will build an e-government in accordance with the project adopted by the Provincial People's Committee to improve service quality for people and businesses; strengthen management and administration capacity of the political system and authorities of all levels; and enhance publicity and transparency of operations of administrative agencies.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum