Yen Bai Province Promoting Trade and Tourism

5:30:31 PM | 3/8/2005

With vigorous economic restructuring, trade and tourism have been promoted with a growth rate of over 13 per cent, making up 33 per cent of the GDP, contributing significantly to the economic development of the province.



The trade values in 2001-2005 maintained a growth rate of 18.25 per cent a year, 4.25 per cent more than the plan. The turnover increased from VND643 billion in 2001 to VND1.198 billion in 2004 and VND1.400 billion in 2005. Special supplies of essential commodities such as food, iodized salt, new strains, insecticide, gasoline, etc. were ensured to ethnic minorities



The province has mobilised resources, upgraded export industries and expanded resources zones such as 4,000 hectares of high-yield rice, over 12,000 hectares of tea, 30,000 hectares of cinnamon, 60,000 hectares of paper materials and 5,000 hectares of cassava and pine-apple. As a result, the value increased in both export and import. The export markets expanded to 18 countries and territories. The export value increased by 6.8 per cent a year: US$13.2 million in 2001, US$16.8 million in 2004, US$20 million in 2005 (including direct export value respectively, US$3.4 million, US$7.3 million and US$8.5 million).



The imports are mainly equipment and materials for investment projects and worth over US$9 million in 2001-2005. The province has 91 local markets and some commercial centres and supermarkets. The province has also made great efforts fighting against smuggling and fraud.



Yen Bai has developed infrastructure in certain areas to promote cultural and eco-tourism, and encourages all economic sectors to invest in tourism. In 2001, the province had 18 lodging facilities, hosted 61,000 tourists with VND12 billion in turnover. In 2004, the figures were respectively 45, 105,000 and VND26 billion. In 2005, the province is expected to have 130,000 tourists including 11,000 foreign tourists, with a turnover of VND32.5 billion.



Tan Huong - Thac Ba tourist centre is under construction with an investment capital of over VND1, 300 billion. The total area is 206 hectares with 5 sections: resort, recreation, sports, commercial and public utilities. The project has drawn special interests from local and foreign investors.



Other tourist projects have also been developed such as a brocade craft village in Nghia An (Nghia Lo),  a gem painting craft village in Tan Linh (Luc Yen), eco-tourism in Suoi Giang and Tran Yen. In particular, three provinces Yen Bai, Phu Tho and Lao Cai have successfully launched a pilgrimage programme attracting local and foreign tourists and creating a fine image for the province.



The objectives of trade and tourism in 2005-2010 are to expand local and foreign markets, encourage the participation of all economic sectors, improve the business environment and prepare for regional and world economic integration, especially with Yunnan ().