Sustaining Industrial Parks

11:40:19 AM | 11/11/2021

Knowing that planning is a stepping-stone for building a developmental foundation for sustainable industrial parks, Vinh Phuc province always well prepares the master plan and industrial park plans in particular and aligns them with regional and local economic and sector-specific development plans.

Assigned to administer industrial parks, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks’ Authority has actively advised and proposed mechanisms on industrial park construction and development. The Authority manages industrial park planning in line with the law to meet investors’ demands and the province’s socio-economic development requirements. Up to now, construction order in industrial parks has been strengthened. Reasonable planning and construction of industrial parks, combined with strict and methodical construction management according to detailed planning, has helped draw investment flows into industrial parks, strongly improve the investment environment and boost socio-economic development. Vinh Phuc has gradually formed regional industrial centers where some large corporations are investing, making key products of high quality and strong competitiveness and helping increase exports and local budget revenue. They are also hiring a lot of workers in Vinh Phuc and neighboring provinces.

To date, Vinh Phuc province has 14 industrial parks covering 2,773.948 ha, including 2,041.07 ha of industrial land. Eight are operational: Khai Quang (216.24 ha), Binh Xuyen (286.98 ha), Kim Hoa (50 ha), Ba Thien (325.75 ha), Binh Xuyen II - Phase 1 (42.21 ha), Ba Thien II (308.83 ha), Tam Duong II - Section A (135.17 ha) and Thang Long Vinh Phuc (213 ha). The infrastructure system of industrial parks has been built synchronously to meet investors’ demands (such as wastewater treatment plants). Some industrial parks have already leased out 100% of industrial land like Kim Hoa, Khai Quang, and Binh Xuyen II - Phase 1. The rest are under construction.

In the first quarter of 2021, Vinh Phuc was approved by the Prime Minister to build six new industrial parks: Song Lo II, Tam Duong I - Section 2, Song Lo I, Nam Binh Xuyen, and Thai Hoa - Lien Son - Lien Hoa (Area II - Phase 1) and Ba Thien - Section I. These facilities are being cleared for construction.

In 2021-2030, Vinh Phuc province will plan 23-25 ​​industrial parks with a total area of 7,000 ha. Currently, Vinh Phuc province is making the master plan for the 2021-2030 period, with a vision to 2050, which is integrated with the industrial park planning.

By Bao Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum