Hau Giang Motivates OCOP Product Development

10:04:37 AM | 9/12/2021

By launching the OCOP Program, Hau Giang farmers have reaped high-profit margins thanks to reduced production costs, safe and quality products, and an increasingly expanding market.

The Hau Giang Coordination Office for New Rural Development said earlier this year that Hau Giang province has 21 OCOP certified products. Among these, six products are certified four-star class, including instant spiced abalone mushrooms, Siamese banana powder made by An Phat Organic Agricultural Cooperative (Vi Thuy district); Lien Hung organic rice (OM 5451), Lien Hung organic rice (Dai Thom 8) by Lien Hung Company Limited (Long My Town); and My Yen sausage by My Yen Sausage Factory (Chau Thanh A district). Particularly, Sac Ran dried fish of Ky Nhu Cooperative was promoted from three-star to four-star class.

Besides these are 15 three-star products like semicircular basket (woven from common water hyacinth), Cat Hong mango, watermelon; fruit-originated products processed from custard apple, pineapple, grapefruit and peanuts; fish-processed products such as Bat Lat fish cake and snakehead fish sauce. Since it implemented the program, Hau Giang has 66 OCOP products recognized, including 32 four-star products and 34 three-star products. Two products are potentially ranked 5-star, including seedless lemongrass of Bio Fruit Coop and Nam Roi pomelo of Biological Fruit Cooperative. Documents are being prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for evaluation and recognition.

The office said that it will continue to work with relevant sectors and localities to strengthen communications on the program's contents, purposes, meanings and benefits to businesses, cooperatives, and households. At the same time, it will select and focus on investing and supporting the development of innovative OCOP products of the province.

By Do Ngoc, Vietnam Business Forum