Cai Rang District Effort for Breakthrough Business Development

9:44:40 AM | 9/8/2022

Tapping its locational advantages as a southern gateway of Can Tho City, an important trade hub of the region and capturing opportunities from the implementation of Resolution 45/2022/QH15 of the National Assembly, Cai Rang district is carrying out consistent tasks and solutions to attract investment resources; supporting businesses to expand business operations to boost economic, social and urban development. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong, Chairman of Cai Rang People's Committee, gives an interview on this issue.

Could you please introduce some remarkable socioeconomic and urban development objectives in 2022 and the results achieved in the first six months?

In 2022, Cai Rang district defines its key tasks: Synchronously implementing solutions to support people and businesses to overcome pandemic impacts to stabilize their lives; strengthening information technology application and appropriate digital transformation; improving productivity and efficiency and creating a driving force for socioeconomic growth. At the same time, the district will focus on three strategic breakthroughs: Accelerating structural transformation to increase the share of industry, handicraft, commercial services, tourism, and high-tech agriculture; mobilizing investment capital sources for socioeconomic infrastructure development; and facilitating the accelerated implementation of investment projects in the locality.

With the strong determination and close engagement of the entire political system, people and businesses, by the end of June 2022, we accomplished all basic goals and tasks. Economic restructuring continued with the rising production value of all sectors as compared to a year-ago period (agriculture grew by 2.68%, industry and construction expanded 6.39%, trade - services climbed 18). Specifically, the production value of agriculture and fishery was estimated at VND115 billion, equal to 51.11% of the full-year plan of VND225 billion; the value of industry and construction was projected at VND11,142 billion, or 54.48% of the yearly target of VND20,450 billion; and the value of trade and services was forecast at VND9,037 billion, reaching 55.78% of the annual target of VND16,200 billion.

Also in this reporting period, the investment value was VND7,517 billion, reaching 57.82% of the yearly plan of VND13,000 billion); the budget revenue was VND457 billion (equal to 70.78% of the target assigned by the city); the budget expenditure was VND278 billion (equal to 67.14% of the target); and the disbursed investment fund valued VND40 billion (or 29.99% of the plan in 2022). The district had 236 new companies in the six-month period, bringing its active companies to 1,840. Cai Rang completed checking the North-South Expressway and West Ring Road to Can Tho City.

Notably in economic development, tourism is strongly recovering together with the “Tourism restructuring to meet development requirements of a leading economic sector" project and the “Cai Rang Floating Market conservation and development” project. Tourist arrivals to the district were 99,072 strong, including 4,610 international visitors. In addition to promoting socio-cultural development and ensuring national defense and security, Cai Rang effectively took care of people's health, especially controlling the pandemic in the locality.

What is your investment attraction approach for the coming years?

As a gateway and hub of traffic, industry and port logistics, Cai Rang is always key in the socio-economic development of Can Tho City. Currently, the district has many projects of economic, social, defense and security development, including Hung Phu I and II industrial parks, South Can Tho River New Urban Area, Cai Cui Port and Can Tho Bridge.

Cai Rang has huge potential for tourism development, including Cai Rang Floating Market, a unique feature of the river region, and Au Island, a typical wild landscape and ecosystem of the Southwest region. The district is home to many historical relics such as Thuong Thanh Communal House, Hiep Thien Cung Pagoda (Ong Pagoda), Phuoc Long Pagoda, Tay Do Battalion Victory Memorials and Can Tho Victory Memorials. Moreover, the district has many unique eco-tourism sites, gardens and homestays that attract a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

The National Assembly's Resolution 45/2022/QH15 on piloting several specific mechanisms and policies for Can Tho development is instrumental for Can Tho City and Cai Rang district to remove many “bottlenecks” in development: Helping Can Tho City with a strong mechanism to mobilize and attract investment capital; concentrate resources on completing synchronous technical infrastructure, especially the transport system to serve development requirements; training and building high-quality human resources and dedicated civil servants. Besides, some policies and projects to be deployed in the district will create a great driving force for socioeconomic development.

In the coming years, Cai Rang district will deploy many new residential and urban projects such as Lots 1A, 7B, 10, 14A and 14B, covering nearly 30% of the natural area. The Party, government and people of Cai Rang district are always ready to cooperate, share information about investment potential and opportunities and commit to "always cooperate, accompany and share with businesses". However, we also hope to welcome capable investors to launch effective projects for joint cooperation and development.

Over the past time, what solutions have you implemented to improve the investment and business environment and support businesses and investors?

In recent years, Cai Rang district has always actively coordinated with central and municipal agencies to accelerate the progress of essential infrastructure projects in the locality, especially roadway and waterway transport systems to enable businesses to promote merchandise trade.

Cai Rang also always encourages innovative startups and flexibly applies policies and support tools for businesses. As for urban construction investors, the Cai Rang People's Committee coordinates with relevant bodies to well carry out compensation for reclaimed land, site clearance, and support them to soon commence, complete and put their projects into use.

Especially to better serve investors and enterprises, the district government is increasingly accelerating administrative reform and simplifying administrative procedures relating to business and investment. In addition to weekly receptions, district leaders periodically meet investors and enterprises to learn about their hardships and introduce workable solutions.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum