An Phu District: Attracting investment, unlocking potential advantages

2:54:50 PM | 8/9/2023

As a border district of An Giang province, with three border gates with Cambodia, with a convenient road and waterway transport system, An Phu has great opportunities and advantages for strong socioeconomic development.

Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh pays a working visit to the Trade Center of Long Binh town

With a natural area of 226 square kilometers, An Phu district is bordered by Cambodia in the west and the north with a border length of 42.5km, Tan Chau town in the east, and the Hau River in Chau Doc in the south. The district plays an important political and economic role in the watershed of the Mekong River from Cambodia to Vietnam. It is located on the Southwest waterway system from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh along the Hau River.

Lying at the watershed of the Hau River, An Phu has advantageous water sources and much-deposited alluvial soil for agricultural development. The district’s key agricultural products are rice, vegetables and fish.

Besides, the cultural diversity of four ethnic groups, Kinh, Cham, Hoa and Khmer, is also an important foundation for the district to develop tourism. An Phu is home to many popular festivals such as the Floating Water Festival; Sports Games on Independence Day, and Cham Cultural Sports Festival as well as famous places like Cham Village, Da Phuoc Raft Village, Bung Binh Thien Lake Eco Resort, and 350-year-old banyan garden which are linked with the spiritual and cultural life of local people. These events and places are very attractive to tourists from near and far.

The Party Committee of An Phu district’s mid-term preliminary conference to implement the Resolution of the 7th Congress (term 2020 - 2025)

Recently, Long Binh Bridge that interconnects the road between Vietnam and Cambodia also opens up a great potential for tourism and creates momentum for local development. In particular, local people are extremely hospitable and the local government always cares and facilitates investors as well as tourists to come to the district.

Currently, the road from Chau Doc City to An Phu and Cambodia is quite convenient thanks to the completed Con Tien and Long Binh bridges, creating smooth traffic connectivity with National Highway 91C to 03 Angkor Boray, Borey Cholsar and Koh Thum districts of Kandal and Takeo provinces of Cambodia. By road, the distance from An Phu to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is the shortest from Vietnam, so it creates good conditions for trade exchange in the region.

Under the leadership and unity of the Party and the government and the consensus of the people, An Phu has made every effort to overcome difficulties and challenges, promote advantages, and achieve important development in all aspects. The economy grows and moves in the right direction and the budget revenue meets the given target. At the same time, the district focuses on mobilizing various investment resources for economic development, rural infrastructure development and industrial development while investing, renovating and upgrading key infrastructure systems.

Cultural and educational fields are seriously cared for development, with schools built spaciously. Education has developed comprehensively both in scale and quality. Cultural and sporting activities are diversified, historical relics are protected and embellished to uphold traditional educational values. In addition, An Phu strives to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, take care of public health and perfect the grassroots medical network. Social security and welfare policies are implemented in a complete and timely manner. People's lives are steadily improved.

Currently, to unlock potential advantages, An Phu has applied many mechanisms, policies and new directions to create an open environment to woo internal and external investors to invest and carry out projects to contribute to stable, long-term and sustainable development.

“Always welcoming and accompanying businesses and investors, on behalf of the An Phu leadership, I would like to invite financially capable, experienced investors to An Phu district to explore investment opportunities. The district is committed to creating the most favorable conditions for them,” said Mr. Tran Hoa Hop, Chairman of District People’s Committee.

According to Action Plan 10-CTr/HU dated December 15, 2021 of the Executive Board of the An Phu District Party Committee on infrastructure development to provide land fund for key investment projects in An Phu district in 2021 - 2025, An Phu district is currently calling for investors for eight key projects as follows:
- Khanh Binh Border Gate Trade and Service Zone (second phase): 13ha in Long Binh Town, investment fund of VND260 billion.
- Binh Thien Bung Tourist Area: 706.8ha in Nhon Hoi and Khanh Binh communes, investment fund of VND600 billion.
- An Phu New Urban Area: 17.04ha in An Phu Town, investment fund of VND450 billion.
- Tay Song Hau Urban Residential Area: 30ha in An Phu town, investment fund of VND300 billion.
- Muong Tam Som Residential Area: 15ha in Quoc Thai commune, investment fund of VND30 billion VND.
- Expanded Con Tien Urban Area: 20ha in Da Phuoc commune, investment fund of VND200 billion.
- Binh Thien Bung Market Residential Area: 3.4ha in Khanh Binh commune; investment fund of VND85 billion.
- Cot Day Thep Residential Cluster: 3.3ha in An Phu Town, investment fund of VND20 billion.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum