Trade-service: Spearhead industry of Lang Son Province

1:29:40 PM | 12/7/2006

The trade and service sectors of northern border province of Lang Son play crucial roles in socioeconomic development of the province. The Department of Trade and Tourism targets to raise the contribution proportion of this industry in GDP to over 40 per cent in the coming years.
According to Mr. Ha Hong, Director of the Department of Trade and Tourism, in recent years, the tourism and trade sectors of Lang Son have been considerably developed. The export turnover is higher and higher while other services are also further diversified. The annual growth rate of retail service of Lang Son always exceeds preset targets. In export, in spite of encountering with many challenges and difficulties in market and price, the export revenues still increased significantly, principally due to great efforts and dynamics of local enterprises. Many commodities have stable export markets, especially unprocessed farm produces, fresh fruits, dried fruits and pepper.

The total import-export turnover in the first six months of 2006 reached US$239.8 million, fulfilling 55.57 per cent of the annual target and increasing 25.81 per cent compared with the same period of 2005, including US$58 million from exports and US$181.8 million on imports. The export revenues of enterprises of the trading industry were estimated at US$6.731 million, up 15.45 per cent against 2005. Notably, the Lang Son Commercial Joint Stock Company reported a total export turnover of US$5.15 million in the first six months of this year, fulfilling 72.54 per cent of the annual target and exceeding 46.5 per cent of the amount it earned in the same period of 2005. In addition, the commercial industry of Lang Son also successfully carries out subsidy policies for commodity sales and to people in remote and far-lying areas and ethnic minorities.

In tourism, this sector still keeps the high and stable growth rate while the quality of tourism services is gradually improved. The Department of Trade has cooperated with the Department of Culture and Information, and People’s Committees of Lang Son City, Cao Loc District and Loc Binh District to organise the Lang Son Tourism and Cultural Festival Spring 2006 and the Mau Son Tourism Festival displayed very rich contents and traditional cultural routines. In the first six months, Lang Son received 630,000 tourist arrivals, including 45,000 foreign tourists.
Good trade and tourism promotion work
The Department of Trade organised the Lang Son Fair 2006 and the Lang Son Trade Fair 2006 with over 100 standardised booths to attract nearly 50,000 visitors and businessmen. Many enterprises attended international trade fairs like the 3rd ASEAN Aquatic Product Trade Fair in Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China and the Import-Export Goods Trade Fair in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.
In the last six months, the trade sector of Lang Song targets to attain total import-export revenues of US$230.7 million, exceeding 10 per cent the preset plan and increasing 23 per cent over 2005. The total retail value is aimed to reach VND1,500 billion (US$93.75 million). The department also studies policies to attract enterprises to tranship their exports and imports via Lang Son Province and will work with them to resolve difficulties in import-export. The authority will put into operation dual border markets like Na Nua (in Trang Dinh), Na Hoa (Long Chau), Na Hinh (Van Lang) and Keo Ai (Bang Tuong) as well as other projects.