The Ho Chi Minh-Long Thanh-Dai Giay Express Way Project

4:24:11 PM | 17/4/2007

The high speed road project between Ho Chi Minh, Long Thanh and Dai Giay, under the BOT mode and governed by Vietnam Investment and Development Bank, has been completed and reported to the prime minister.
According to the Master plan, the total length of this road is 54.9 kilometers (km), meeting international standards. In the first stage, four lanes will be constructed. In the final stage, investment will focus on the route between An Phu and Belt 2 with 8 lanes; between Belt 2 and Long Thanh with 8 lanes, 42.5 meters wide; between Long Thanh and Dau Giay with 6 lanes, 35 meters wide. Expected total investment capital for the first stage is VND 9,890 billion, and the final stage is VND 18,884 billion.
This high-speed road in the core economic sector will help complete the transport system and speed up economic development in this area.