Hai Duong Reports over US$1.6Bln FDI So Far

1:13:17 PM | 27/4/2007

Total registered foreign direct investment (FDI) into northern Hai Duong province is estimated to reach US$1.65 billion for 142 projects from 21 countries and territories, state media said.
Between January and April this year, the province attracted US$241.7 million FDI from 11 fresh projects, and the capital expansion of 19 existing projects.
Japan now tops foreign investors in the locality with 22 projects capitalized at US$560 million, accounting for 34 per cent of the province’s total FDI capital. It was followed by Taiwan with US$425 million for 35 projects, making up 26 per cent of the total.
Last year, Hai Duong lured a combined pledged capital of US$610.6 million FDI from 39 newly-licensed FDI projects and capital growth of two operational projects.
Projects with the largest pledged capital in the province are Aiden Vietnam Ltd. Co. capitalized at US$120 million, UCM Electronics Ltd. Co. worth US$100 million and Iriso Electronics Ltd. Co. valued at US$80 million.
The province now has seven IPs covering 1,500 hectares. It also plans to build 13 new IPs on 2,520ha from now to 2010, once approved by the Government. (Vietnam Economic Times)