Central Quang Nam Province: Convergence of Traditional Beauty

11:11:40 AM | 12/11/2008

Quang Nam is the profoundly cultural region in the overall condition of cultural regions in Vietnam. It can be said that Quang Nam is endowed with valuable natural and maritime resources for the development of provincial tourism.
Many development opportunities
These advantages include 125 kilometres of coastal road extending from Dien Ngoc to the area near wild, clean and beautiful Dung Quat Bay, green and boundless Phu Ninh Lake, the primeval forest in the West of Quang Nam, Truong Giang River and Cu Lao Cham Island. These ideal eco-tourism spots over the years have become the destination of many visitors. Besides, cultural quintessence of the ethnic minority communities like Kinh, Hoa, Co Tu, Xe-dang, Gie Trieng, and Cor also makes contributions to the diversification, attraction and richness of Quang Nam tourism. After having undergoing many ups and downs and wartime and temporal upheavals, Quang Nam still reserves original and humane cultural resources.
Quang Nam today has the beauty of ancient architectural works, which reach the pinnacle of art. That culture is founded based on the interaction of different cultures. Hoi An ancient town and My Son holy city, two world cultural heritages, together with Tra Kieu ancient kingdom, such Champa towers as Khuong My, Chien Dan, and Bang An, Dong Duong Buddhist Institute, partly record a golden age of Dai Viet and Sa Huynh cultures. Cultural value of Quang Nam does not only shed light from ancient architectural works but also is created by original natural colours hidden in traditions, customs and festivals of ethnic minorities with more than 260 cultural and revolutionary historical relics. 15 of those relics are nationally ranked, which will forever be the pride and glorious historical pages proving the unyielding resistance tradition of the people in Quang Nam.
Focusing on enhancement of tourism potential
Recognising tourism an advantage Quang Nam has strived to build basic economic foundation to create premises for the development of services by 2010. After 2010, the service sector will speed up to guarantee the goal of developing the industrialised province in the direction of strongly growing services. The province will give priority to developing tourism into a key economic component by 2015 and vision of 2020.
The number of visitors to set foot in Quang Nam has over the past time kept increasing (1,650,000 people in 2006, roughly 2 million people in 2007, over 900,000 people in the first six months of 2008). However, Quang Nam is still seen as failing to employ and develop its tourism potential, that it mostly attracts visitors to two world heritages with the start point being Hoi An and the end point being My Son. Secondary visiting destinations are unshaped or spare. Beside the two heritages, the other tourist routes are unknown or inconvenient. Places with favourable location are not widely marketed.
Accordingly, the province decides to improve the ability to attract visitors’ long stay and possible return. Quang Nam has put forward many strategies to develop tourism, focusing on ecological vacations, vocational village tours. Simultaneously, realising that tourism not only generates jobs and revenue but also helps to introduce the local image externally, Quang Nam redefines strength and specific characteristics of each locality in order to create appropriate tourist products, to diversify services to offer tourists during their stay in Quang Nam.
Quang Nam over the past time has introduced the image of its tourism to the outside world via organisation of cultural events such as hosting Miss Universe Contest and Miss Vietnam Contest. However, Quang Nam still fails to fully employ it potentials. Therefore, in the coming time it decides to continue concentrating and improving professionality to open up the scale of promotion and the size of tourist models in the province. 

Thao Nguyen