Tremendous Tourist Sites in Central Quang Nam Province

11:12:49 AM | 12/11/2008

Tourism is among industries which are becoming Quang Nam province’s strength. We would like to introduce to beloved readers famous beauties of nature in Quang Nam.
Hoi An ancient town –A World Heritage Site
Located 30km Southeast of Da Nang and 60km to the Northeast of Tam Ky city, Hoi An is an ecological city which preserves to a nearly perfect extent traditional customs, religions, folk art, cultural festivals, trade villages, specialties and a system of old architectural heritages, including houses, club-houses, pagodas, temples, temples of forefathers, ports and markets, etc. as well as narrow and interconnecting paths running through streets. Hoi An streets have long been thought of as an elegant maiden in an old but charming dress made of green moss. The existence of such an old town as Hoi An is a unique case in Vietnam and a rare one in the world. It is regarded as a living museum for architecture and urban life, etc. Hoi An old town was recognized as the world’s heritage by UNESCO in December 1999.
My Son temple complex – A World Heritage Site
My Son temple complex is located in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district. Located 45km West of Hoi An and 70km Southwest of Da nang, My Son is a community with more than 70 temples and towers which carry many architecture and sculpture styles typical for each historic period of Champa dynasty. Almost all architecture and sculpture works of arts in My Son got influenced by the Hinduism and are located towards the East, the direction of sunrise and home of deities. A minority of temples are located towards either the West or both the East and the West, which expresses the attitude towards life after death of kings and their respect and tribute to ancestors. Due to destruction of natural disasters and wars, up to now, My Son just has nearly 20 temples. However, these temples are still able to depict the exquisite talents of Champa people. Not as grandiose and splendid as Angkor of Cambodia, Pagan of Myanmar or Borobudua of Indonesia, etc., My Son temple complex, however, still plays a very critical role in the culture and art of the Southeast Asia. Also in December 1999, My Son temple complex got recognized as the world’s heritage.
Hon Kem Da Dung
Hon Kem Da Dung is a charming and romantic beauty of nature in Que Lam commune, Nong Son district and Hiep Hoa commune, Hiep Duc district. This place has long been mentioned in poems, songs and paintings and become a pride of generations of Quang Nam people. The appealing of Hon Kem Da Dung not only lies in romantic scenery but also lies in old and mysterious writings of Chiem Thanh carved into stones which are thousands of tonnes heavy and mirror themselves into Thu Bon river. The place can be approached by boat from Hoi An and Vinh Dien. On the way here, visitors can drop by My Son sanctuary.
Phu Ninh lake – a new destination for tourists
Located 7km West of Tam Ky city, Phu Ninh lake is an irrigational work capable of containing half a billion of m3 of water. The lake is 3,433ha wide, surrounded by 23,000ha of protective forests and 30 beautiful islands and peninsulas. The work got started in 1977 and completed after nearly ten years of construction. Apart from advantages to develop irrigation, production of aquatic products, hydroelectricity, forestry, agriculture and water supply for daily life, etc., Phu Ninh lake is also a perfect ecological tourism spot with a cool climate and diversified system of animals and plants. The area is home to 14 species of animals which are listed in the Red Book for preservation. Currently, Phu Ninh lake is having such attractive tourism models implemented as fish catching, mineral water bathing, and relaxation tourism, etc.
The Cu Lao Cham (Cham island) – a new ecological tourist spot
On a tourist ship, tourists can access such familiar places of Cu Lao Cham as Lao island, Dai island, Chong island, and Yen island, all of which are green islands with wild and romantic nature. Here tourists will have chances to deep themselves into the rural life of fishersmen and enjoy their warm greetings. Tourist will also be able to contemplate the charming beauty of places carrying with them mysteries like Huong plain, Lang plain, Chong plain, Ba cave, and Hai Tang pogoda, etc. It should also be noted that here, on Cu Lao Cham, tourists will have opportunities to enjoy various special dishes made from shrimp, fish, cuttle-fish, stone crab, vegetables from the forests, etc. There will be many other interesting activities for tourists to join, such as tours around Yen island, going fishing, participating in the fire-camping night and exciting folk games, etc.
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