Quang Nam Tourism: Actively Protecting and Promoting Cultural, Heritage Values

12:31:50 PM | 25/8/2009

After more than 500 years of development, from a buffer zone to invade the southern region by northern feudal administrations, Quang Nam has risen up to a strategic position. Hoi An City is always proud of its invaluable cultural heritage values created from generation to generation. In the past years, Hoi An has made numerous efforts to seek effective methods to uphold and promote traditional cultural values. Vietnam Business Forum has an exchange talk with Mr Dinh Hai, Director of Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on this issue.
Known as a tourism province, Quang Nam has two world cultural heritages recognised by the UNESCO. How can Quang Nam province develop its tourism while preserving and promoting cultural heritage values?
Quang Nam possesses an extremely important source to boost the local development, that is, cultural and local values. The province always attaches much importance to upholding and promoting traditional cultural values and harmoniously combining preservation and development. Quang Nam authorities and local people always apply practical lessons to protect their endowments. In recent years, the province, especially Hoi An Ancient Town, have quickly developed tourism activities, turning Hoi An into a dynamic city but they still keep harmonious lives and prevent social evils. Visitors always feet peaceful, friendly and harmonious with the lifestyle in Hoi An, the world cultural heritage. This is resulted from unanimity and joint efforts of the people and authorities of Hoi An.
Would you mind talking about the interesting method the province is developing?
One of our interesting methods to protect the world heritage is to sell Hoi An visiting tickets. This method is introduced and hailed by UNESCO at its meetings and is seen an example for others to follow. This is the result of continuous labour and creativity of the local authorities and people.
So, how will your province protect the values and develop tourism this year?
This year, we will continue with our cultural relic preservations as well as province-level conferences on cultural relic management to raise public awareness of the people in protecting cultural and historical values.
For Hoi An, we will make it more beautiful by sending non-tourism commercial activities out of the city. We will restore and construct infrastructure and develop intangible culture.
The province will expand tourism activities, especially eco-tourism and rural village discovery to enhance their attractiveness of the city.
Reported by Thu Huyen